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43 Comments on Socialist Insecurity: A Cruel Joke You Probably Won’t Get

    • Zionist? Orthodox rabbis denounce bennie’s claim of being Jewish. Got a “F**KIN” problem with that?

    • Eternalite Mission 🇺🇸MAGA🇺🇸Oh never mind schmuck. You are subscribed to CNN aka Clinton News Network LMMFAO 🤣 and that Talmudist Israel Ball Lol. Now I know you’re another hasbara Troll for Mossad. You confused Goy. You’re not even semitic like me. I’ll be more Jewish than you or any of your terrorist pals.

  1. The real enemy is the American People…..Who is dum down, manipulated, ignorant, arrogant, selfish, full of vanity and “television programmed”….. “Proud because the armed forces are great and destructive”; while bridges, streets and roads in the U.S. are crumbling down…….. Chem-Trails and 5G WiFi Cancer on President Trump’s “watch”.

    • ❤️❤️❤️ Hį. Ŵħo wąnts ƫo date me? See my nųde pħotos and vįdeos ❤️❤️❤️
      ღ ღ ღ ღ ღ ღ

    • i am american born, and neither dumbdown, stupid or un-educated. before you judge all americans and point the libtard finger of blame perhaps you could research a little bit and see “the american people” are not quite as dumb as you may think and more are becoming aware daily. when you are to busy working 3 or more jobs just to keep a roof over your head -food in your familys stomachs and the taxation theft monopolies ie “bills” paid so you can not be homeless if this “free country” it is a little hard to affect change. but when the majority of us “little people” have lost everything with nothing more to lose you will see change on a scale never before seen in human history. and it will not just change America it will change the world. #crypto #blockchain tech.

  2. It’s truly fascinating how much I agree with you, even though I am a hardcore national socialist. I think our only difference is that you guys don’t want a state, while us natsocs want a strong lead government that truly work for it own people.

    • That’s awesome we can relate on most levels, FatehPasha! Have you considered the history of strong socialist governments and how that helps (or doesn’t help) the people in general?

    • NatSoc means a socialist fan of the state, that means state-ist and doing what the state says, keep watching Jeff’s videos and you will get to the point where you will discover through your own research that never has worked and never will work to the benefit of the populous, it only works to the benefit of a few at the very top.., bottom up grass roots change through distributed economies based on a real store of value work and enable true buy/sell free markets person 2 person, without the burdens of the middlemen or need for usury, that is where the whole crypto movement is heading, towards real freedom for the first time in human (known) history…at least in the current Epoch… good luck with your studies…

    • FatehPasha , once you allow any group of humans the legitimate right to initiate force on peaceful people, I don’t care if you’re socialist, communist, capitalist, or anything in between, your days are numbered. It’s only a matter of time before that power will be used to corrupt whatever ideal society you set out to create.

      Freedom, universal ethics, and nonviolence is the future. Once we stop trying to create ideal societies through force/coercion/violence we can turn the human race around.

    • Robert Reive the German Reich was very successful economically. Hitler banned the Rothschild banking system and jailed on of the Rothschild family member, also usury and interest rates were banned.

    • Hi Krash, have you ever thought that for everyone else in the world the US is overseas? Once you realize that, you can realize how much propaganda has been implanted in your brain that makes no sense. 🙂

  3. That’s right we will lock the door soon so all you tribal folk can leave now. Yoos won’t be leaving later.

  4. I’d Love To Talk To You! If You Read This N Actually Care 2 Point Me In The Right Direction, It Would Be Appreciated

    • Hi LG, thanks for your support! I wanted to include info on self-directed precious metals (and crypto) IRAs but wanted to keep it short… I’ll bring that up again in the near future though. Thanks for reminding me!

  5. That is not the scam Jeff, I fail to understand why others must pay the bill for other people. There is a 1-to-1 correlation between the payee. Meaning I pay SS for me , and all I want is my money back. The problem is the government (cartel) are stealing the money. I would argue given that we are operating with fiat currency and money printing. Why should there be a shortage of money? They can print any amount they want and they do so for bank bail-outs not for us the citizen. All that to say that the entire institution of taxes and social security is designed to keep us poor, There is no reason for them to collect taxes when they can print any amount of money they need. You either stop printing money and stop stealing my money. There is no reason why social security should be broke, when we are all paying for our retirement.

  6. Lol this entire shithouse is about to collapse. It is going to be like hell on earth especially here in the USSA. Stay away from the cities….it will be a chimpout there!

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