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Quiet Before the Storm – Jeff Berwick at the Texas Bitcoin Conference

All signs are looking bullish for crypto but the market remains bearish. Time to buy?

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Topics include: planned financial collapse, one world currency, crypto befitted from money printing, bear market persists despite bullish news, a great opportunity, Bitcoin ETFs, big capital looking for a way into crypto, huge movement in the crypto space, 100,000 jobs and growing, massive innovation, some market predictions, some questions from the audience, TDV Summit and Anarchapulco 2019

28 Comments on Quiet Before the Storm – Jeff Berwick at the Texas Bitcoin Conference

  1. Remember to be generous when crypto explodes. Money helps for sure but it doesn’t make u happy. Can do lots of fun things that can bring enjoyment…but when you look in the mirror at night it doesn’t bring true peace. Pursue a relationship with Jesus Christ for true peace…

  2. “Jeff” keeps doing the faggoty Masonic “M” on the right hip. Why are you continually doing that, “Jeff?”

    • your crazy. i dont even know what to say. You musst have a sad life. your limited time on earth you sspend on this BS?

    • If anything he seems a little nervous for whatever reason. public speaking has various dynamics based on preparation and other factors. you can tell a person by the fruit they bear and jeff has been a soldier in the struggle.

    • Phil Silvers he’s fidgety because he’s not a professional public speaker. It’s very common subconscious behavior that has no underlying meaning but minor nervousness.

  3. You state when the markets collapse the crypto market will probably drop as well. What you are therefore stating that when the markets collapse people will keep all their wealth in fiat currencies. In the past fiat may have been considered safe haven after market collapse but it seems most in the financial world surely understand that fiat is on the road to collapse as well which means all that fiat will need to go into precious metals and cryptos.

  4. I’m with Jeff on this. I’m more excited about crypto than I was a year ago! That I can still buy some every week is such a bonus.

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