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Prepare For THE TIPPING POINT – Jeff Berwick On The WAR OF IDEAS

Jeff Berwick is interviewed by Tim Picciott for WAM at Anarchizona 2019

Original interview by World Alternative Media here:

Anarchizona website:

TDV Summit 2019 videos now available at:

Tickets for Anarchapulco 2020 available here:


Topics include: waking up, processing positively, taking positive action, changing the world, Joby Weeks, changing hearts and minds, you can't stop a good idea, self ownership, working on yourself, self re-programming, becoming a content creator, ignoring the haters, just go ahead and do things!

26 Comments on Prepare For THE TIPPING POINT – Jeff Berwick On The WAR OF IDEAS

  1. Telegram coin is ready for 95%, start and floatation are going to occur! Who did not manage to buy, I advise you to hurry up and go on

  2. …relax kid, let ur guest do most of the talking, that’s why u interview them.
    …prep some short concise questions.
    …hang in there.

    • I agree with you. Still new to the interviewing thing. What people don’t realize is that I gave a 30 min speech that same day at Anarchizona then turned around and this was the 3rd interview I did in a row with and had to rush as the sun was setting quick. The second the other interview was over I went straight into this one. I’m better at presenting and being interviewed than interviewing… if you want to check out my talk its in the links. Appreciate the feedback – Tim

  3. Not everyone can just will their way to health so how about disabled people and things like that and how about the taxes for highways and road repair non profit organizations?

  4. Right now theirs an international oligarchy running the show. They are concerned with Israel and the Davidic monarch. Nothing short of the fulfillment of those things will stop the current climate. Due to corporate mergers and internet, everything is highly connected at this point and will change drastically or not at all based on the Davidic monarch. Doesn’t matter if you believe it, the elite believe it.

    • You pay property taxes “Voluntarily”, it’s not, and has never been “Mandatory”, do your research in your state, and you’ll soon learn how easy it is to STOP paying property tax!

    • It may be volentary, but stop paying property tax, and you soon get a visit from the local constable to throw you off the land you supposedly own.

    • Wake up dude you chose to be a slave everytime you check IM A US CITIZEN in every box for finacial and government forms. You enslaved yourself do your the only one who can unslave yourself. Your an US 14th amendment citizen slave. You don’t need to expat in order not to be a slave dude. You did it to yourself and your family and they did it to you. Ignorance is bliss

  5. Macro finance and monetary preparations are good but micro preparations for real biological needs of real goods and services (food shelter transportation etc) are simply VITAL

  6. A government bankless society is a pipe dream. It’s basically already in place that the banks will hold crypto and the IMF will utilize XRP

  7. Cannabis probably become decriminalised coz Monsanto was able to alter, sell and monopolise the seed.

  8. I am happy with myself. But people around me are already programed not to think for them self. It’s every man for himself. But that’s how I feel here on the great USSA.

    • Paka Lolo just you being awake and living love centered heart is huge you are making a huge difference with hundred monkey effect. your thoughts and consiouness beliefs do make huge difference. I’m like you most people in my life are so asleep but I know I’m making a huge impact with my frequency energy and vibrations and I just had this energy vibrations to tell you to look up Wes penre YouTube he has taught me so much. love to you!

  9. Yeah who would of thought ppl are so stupid that they would pay a self proclaimed anarchist who copyrights his idea with the same government contract laws that he claims to fight against…..what a walking contradiction. The irony is to much to bear. The man is struggling and very lonely and has turned to alcohol so he can sell his idea while still appearing to be happy. I can tell he ain’t happy at all. Why don’t you speak on those things before you lead ppl astray so they actually know what they are getting into. Its your dumb fault you renounced your US Citizenship if you actually done better research you could of done the same thing without renouncing. What a moran. All you need to do is declare your state citizenship

  10. hey just remember the masses that are asleep we can make huge impression and difference with 100 monkey syndrome energy frequency vibrations travel like that masses don’t understand just stepping out of this program reality wakes you up we are so much powerful then people realize it just takes 100 thousand to come together in a loving consiouness way to have huge effect on the world. stay forgiving compassion valor humility forgivness appraction understanding and keep those thoughts through day then you have mastered life in this construct and then spiritually awakend. watch your thoughts we are creating our reality….and I was never beleiver in bitcoin but I so do now Jeff right we can change the evil controlling ways now I’m all in bitcoin litecoin gold silver and cannabis stocks. we can do this movement to step out of mind control that we have been programmed to beleive we the masses are so very powerful when we come together and this is the fear powers that be know and scared to not have that power over us anymore its to late we already have woke up one by one we are making a difference….

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