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Precious Metals Are More Important For Asset Protection Than Crypto, But Not As Much As You Think

The Truth About Precious Metals and Cryptos – Jeff Berwick at the Precious Metals Investment Symposium in Perth. Australia

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Topics include: Crypto vs precious metals, market sentiment, picking the top, interest rates and bonds, government debt to GDP, cashless society, 1913 and the federal reserve, central banking, propaganda, Venezuela and hyperinflation, a crypto enabled future, precious metals backed cryptos, emp attacks and the internet kill switch, crypto volatility, the gold and silver markets, precious metals still important but you are more important.

16 Comments on Precious Metals Are More Important For Asset Protection Than Crypto, But Not As Much As You Think

  1. Ok, you need access to the internet to get your crypto, uhhh check mate bro. Gold is king Silver is Queen and of coarse Jesus is King of all Kings!

  2. When someone can explain to me why the Rothschilds haven’t used a million bombs to blow up these ghost mining machines i might actually believe its not them and the digital system they want.

  3. This is the whole truth they want to have an entire generation! never knowing what precious metals are only digital versions of these precious metals because they will be scarce only the rich will own precious metals don’t believe me I’ll see you in 2020 you’ll say I’m right!

  4. Excellent was a good watch. Some of my points contradicts. Gold: banks still have allot of them, kept all of it still since money became fiat, and they got it for really cheap price, this is why I don’t trust gold. Bitcoin: they must know who satoshi nakamoto is, because ones writing is more identical than a fingerprint and he got allot of documentation online, so they have controll over his key, is what I highly suspect , still 1 million of btc untouched till this day on that key, this is why I don’t trust bitcoin. You spoke about forcing the people to there digital currency, there for they must create reasons. What I think is worth most for the longest time is ground, have that on paper and digital that you own it. For a short period of time some physical assets like old-time cars, they even gain value.

  5. I wonder why he’s posting this now rather than when the event was held and this speech first posted? I think he knows something.

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