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Pointless Taxpayer Funded KITTEN MURDER Continues at USDA

The US government is breeding HUNDREDS OF KITTENS, just to infect them with a disease, kill and discard them by "incineration." #PeakStatism 😿

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33 Comments on Pointless Taxpayer Funded KITTEN MURDER Continues at USDA

    • Not all humane societies are animal killers for profit like PETA though. And our extorted tax loot is not paying for any of it.

      Not that I pay taxes though, I quit being a slave long time ago.

      I would happily kill anyone involved in this vile insanity.

    • Yeah, even the non kill shelters do indirectly. They send the animals to be killed if they’re not adopted within a certain amount of time. Some of the funniest and most peaceful times in my life have been with my pets. My cat has a different meow for every point she is trying to get across. Great companion.

    • +resourcefulgirl Yeah, my cats means the world to me too, and I have had very personal and particular relationships, as you describe, with very clear communication, and my biggest greavings in life has been when they died.

      And sure, no one can rescue or save all cats, but most of them try, and the shelters staff often suffers mentally because they can’t. That’s a whole different thing than willfully torturing and killing them just to keep some useless statetheist buerocrat paid.

      I’d gladly give those savages the same infections and diseases they gave the cats, but without any cure and without the mercy of the lethal injection they used to murder thousands of lives for no good reason.

  1. This is such BS!!!! HOW can this be allowed?!?!?! That is so cruel beyond and I’m beyond words right now. They should be prosecuted and put in jail!

  2. Like congress, and some police departments, most alphabet agencies do these sorts of things, for one important purpose. Give paychecks to MONSTERS.

    • Jj Corbin “That’s not possible”

      Evil WILL end on the day of Our Lord’s Second Coming which will occur in this generation.

      Satan and his minions will be chained in the bowels of Hell never again to inspire evil in the hearts of mankind.

  3. These people quite seriously needs to die.

    Is there any action being done yet to try and stop this?

    I’ll donate.

    • resourcefulgirl “Of course people do. It’s sinful.”

      It is murder and it exist because Americans continue to vote into office the Demon Rats who defend, support, and promote the murder of children through abortion. Every time you see the old hag Nancy Pelosi remind yourself that her being voted into office is the reason the murder of babies through abortion exist.

    • +Kurt Homan I vote against that specifically as do my friends and acquaintances. Your assuming people are at fault but the system is rigged. The govt will keep murdering children as part of their population control agenda no matter how we vote. Your vote never matters.

  4. Hmm 🤔 what version of toxoplasmosis do they plan on releasing to the “PSEC” to further their Georgia Guide-stone/1 World Agenda?

  5. Thanks for posting this. Heart breaking. My tabby is 23 years old and she has been with me since she was 5 weeks old. Smart, sweet, and a little demanding. Okay, very demanding because she’s spoiled but I’m so lucky to have her. It is beyond me how people can be so cruel to animals!

  6. I’ve lived in close contact with cats for most of my 62 years on this earth. I’ve almost certainly “contracted” toxoplasmosis. The only symptom? Complete adoration for cats. If only all parasites had such an effect. Sadly, some of the human parasites have the most vial and deadly effects and are more deserving of eradication.

  7. Poor kittens. We must focus and choose our battles wisely and in doing so we have a greater chance at killing the beast and saving humanity, and the kittens.

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