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Pension Funds and IRAs Will Be Wiped Out In The Coming Collapse – Get Into Gold and Crypto

Jeff Berwick interviews Gus Demos of perpetual assets on crypto and precious metal backed IRA's and much much more.

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Topics include: USA financial over-regulation, highly flexible self directed IRAs with Perpetual Assets, cryptos and precious metals in your IRA, rocketing government debt, deficit spending, bankruptcy, money printing, useless mainstream financial advisers, deflation, currency devaluation, sound money, gold the best performing asset over the long term, pension funds at risk, fully compliant crypto IRAs, providing access for big fiat into crypto transactions, the upcoming TDV Summit in Acapulco

47 Comments on Pension Funds and IRAs Will Be Wiped Out In The Coming Collapse – Get Into Gold and Crypto

    • Stop taking financial advice from garbage YouTube channels like Modern Investor. It’s just clickbait and the guy is clueless.

    • @Dr Ho Lee Phuk

      Lol your point being?
      Oh actually think we’re going to be freed,and have a world decentralized crypto currency.
      Afraid thats not going to happen.The top brass will own the next world system,the same as they own the current one.So if XRP is the choice of the elite,all the better to be invested in it.

      Of course I’m sure they’ll be able to deceive the masses into thinking that the reset has come to take out the elite baddies,and lead us to prosperity.But rest assured that even if Rockerfeller/Rothschild take the fall,the true rulers of the world will still be pulling the strings.The true ruling elite are not known by name,total shadow manipulators.Anyone who’s name we DO know,is fair game to be thrown to the dogs as expendable pawns.

    • @Dr Ho Lrr Phuk

      Noone cares if you’re convinced.
      Crypto currency was first created by the globalists,to condition us for a cashless society from the beginning.

      So the argument that XRP won’t do good because it’s a banker coin is utterly laughable. Lol you actually believe the drivel that Crypro was created;so we could all be our own bank,and disconnect ourselves from the matrix.

      Right..and feminism was really created to empower women and bring equality.
      And socialism/Communism was really created to empower the poor and working class,and stick it to the rich.

      Oh and the civil rights movement was really meant to make all men equal.
      Haha you people will buy into any globalist pushed scam,as long as they play your heart strings.

  1. America has been JEWED again…. Watch Europa The Last Battle on JewTube if you don’t
    believe me……..

  2. The only place to run to is Jesus Christ, all else fails. When the cash and credit go so does the gold and silver. The crypto currency is satan’s trap into the digital program where no man will be able to buy, sell, or trade with out the crypto mark of the beast.

    • Where does the Bible say we can NOT use cryptos, ……….. what does the Bible say? Do you use the devils system paper money? Paper money is from the Illuminati Rothchild’s , Soros Bilderberg’s, etc, who are the devils servants here on earth……….. think rationally, logically use discernment and wisdom God Almighty has given us………… again the mark of the beast (chip) is the time……. NOT to use the beast system.

    • Crypto has nothing to do with a mark in the hand or forehead and crypto is about decentralizing from the government if done correctly. The mark of the beast has to do with proscribed governmental Sabbath worship which as of today doesn’t exist. Jesus saves.

    • The only thing to turn to is a made up messiah designed to control you by the people orchestrating the collapse you’re running to Jesus from. Brilliant.
      You’ve really thought that one through.

    • +mike reynolds would you agree eventually Transhumanism would include the RFID or a superior version , which down the road a little ways would also encompass the ultimate crypto introduced and forced on humanity by the UN?

  3. No!!!! not cryptos Jeff!!!! When the global economy tanks along with many tech firms the infrastructure to keep any digital currencies will go down the tubes with it. ONLY PHYSICAL GOLD/SILVER WILL SURVIVE THE CARNAGE.

    • Matt ward I disagree. How will the public transact with each other ? ecommerce, micropayments, fundraising, moving large sums of money across borders… it would all be impossible with metal alone

    • Same way governments and banks transact with each other with SWIFT like entities and networks. They’ll back their currencies with gold and silver too. Unfortunately cryptos will be cut out of those networks since cryptos are not gov’t issued currencies.

    • +HunterRhett114 really??? tell them to take a photo of their stacks and post them and send me a link. The only one I would trust that says they got PM’s stacked somewhere is myself dude and maybe the gov’t since they got the military in case the bankers try to steal or loan out what’s in Ft. Knox. No matter how you try to convince people into PM backed cryptos the trust issue will always come up, just as was the case with Tether being backed by real dollars. End the debate and go buy yourself some gold/silver man.

  4. We will be happy to exchange your fiat currency with no intrinsic value for our stockpile of gold and silver.

  5. this is kinda pointless cause anyone watching this and is in crypto rit now can manage their own crypto and are pretty advance. rest got rekt and sold

  6. I don’t think that is totally correct you will probly get your pension fund but the dollars will be so worthless you won’t be able to buy much with them.

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