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Peak Statism… And Market Crash On November 23rd?! – Jeff Berwick on Free Talk Live

Jeff Berwick joins Ian Freeman and Mark Edge on Free Talk Live to discuss The Dollar Vigilante Summit & Anarchapulco 2019 and the world reaching peak statism.

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Topics include: The Dollar Vigilante Summit 2019, Anarchapulco, the world is reaching peak statism, the everything bubble close to collapse, most people blithely unaware, central banks cutting off the money supply, housing bubble, central banks, money printing, a crash is inevitable, protecting your assets, hyperinflation, precious metals and crypto very low right now, bond market bubble, The Dollar Vigilante Summit 2019, the perpetual traveler lifestyle, the Anarchapulco lifestyle in Mexico, tourists are safe in Acapulco, self governance in Mexico

50 Comments on Peak Statism… And Market Crash On November 23rd?! – Jeff Berwick on Free Talk Live

  1. Started selling everything I own and buying silver and gold. I got wrecked in 2007 and fool me once shame on yoy but fool me twice shame on me. Not again.

    • +MrMister Mike Maloney is brilliant for beginners with his secrets of money series on YT for learning about Gold. My opinion, not financial advice, would be to buy up as much as you can before mid 2019 and you’ll have a better picture of the global economy then,. Selling won’t be a good idea for a year or two anyway, I imagine. We need the rest of the markets to fall into depression first. Then you can always get a Gold-backed Debit Card and “sell” by using it to purchase things also. It all depends on how you intend to store it and what the purpose of your investment is, really.

  2. TPTB have upped their game, they are literally laser beaming (DEW) citizens in Cali, this is now a blatant kinetic war against the people. They have told you what they are going to do to you in their Georgia Guide Stones..

  3. he said on october 10th everything will crash now nov 23? LoL- jst dont pay for his event- better save it and get drunk or whatever

  4. No Jeff the largest spending is on weapons and military, $ to Israel and big gov. esp lifetime high salaries/retirement then corporate tax hole loops/subsidies. Not social insecurity esp since they have been lotting and borrowing $ from that trust fund.

    • Abe Martin I read today that the social federal government secs spend 10’s and 100’s of billions a year, they are the highest slender and then followed by the UN and a host of ‘supporting so many charter nations. It’s unreal !! outside of Israel or our protection spending.

  5. We are waiting for someone to get some of these, the sky is falling calls correct. So far, all the calls are just like a top waiting to stop spinning but, only keeps wobbling.

  6. Dear Jeff Berwick: I wish you would renounce EOS and Dan Larimer for him trying to put UBI and mandatory public biometric face scans on it, with an active 5% annual inflation. EOS is literal government on the blockchain, it’s not decentralized, and it’s completely Keynsenian-Socialist.

  7. You are a true inspiration brother. Your journey of the mind resonates with my own. Thank you for all of the work that you do. I hope to be at Anarchapulco in the next year or 2. Financial freedom comes first then out of the U.S.

  8. It’s true what Jeff says about certain countries in Latin America and abroad being inexpensive and SAFE, compared to the Un-united (Police) States of America, and Canada. I know this from experience.

    • @ Gonzo : Let me see – Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Colombia, Bolivia, Surinam, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, Turkey, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, etc, etc… plus other areas in Asia southeast & India. Just to name a few. Many of these I have spent time living in or currently have close personal friends who are living in them right NOW. Most of these are Much Safer, Cheaper, economically viable on several levels, more stable socially and politically than the U.S. or Canada or most of Europe. People are more free in many ways, happier, and they aren’t as backward as most people in North America or Europe imagine.
      Now when talking about economically viable or cheap, keep in mind this may be exclusive to those who are making money outside the given nation or region, by having a business elsewhere, or online, but in ANY of those countries it IS TOTALLY doable to live VERY comfortable on LESS than $1000 US/CAN per Mo. With up to even exceeding 10 X the buying power in terms of lifestyle value per $. Keep also in mind this varies from region to region, and NOWHERE is going to be perfect…or perhaps it may be.
      I’m saying that it is certainly much CHEAPER,safer and better than the VAST majority of U.S. or Canada etc can possibly be TODAY. It is CERTAINLY worth seriously looking into, researching these places, and getting an accurate picture, if one is tired of the American Imperial Jacking Hoss & Bullshit and wondering if there is a better way to live. NO QUESTION about it.

    • +Martin Comeau Yes. Cool! Awesome. That is another decent place, so I hear. I’ve never been there. There are many.

      The American media would have them all scared shitless of everyone and everywhere, and seeing enemies so as to justify the increasing installation & maintaining of a “militarian” government and social structure emphasising the deeply embedded American Nationalism so prevalent and destructive and blinding. While hypnotically drilling freedom & Jesus into the mind so there are delusions of superiority over other nations. They got this from England & Spain – the forefathers. Make no mistake The Right Wing & Left Wing belong to the Same bird.

    • +Samantha Jane I beg you to please forgive me for finding humour and entertainment from your story, because the mirthless frustration you are expressing in your narrative is not a humorous because for you there is little or no fun nor do you appear to be extracting any benefit from your experience. I understand why you feel as you do. So to compensate for laughing at human folly I can only offer a feeble excuse, that is basically B.S. The fact is, I’d like to offer you a set of tools which is nothing other than a suggestion as to a vantage point or viewpoint, or an outlook tempered with an attitude which if you are willing to grasp my meaning in depth may grant you a means with which you can transform adversity into advantage and immunise yourself against losing and the harmful effect of those things life can sucker punch us blindside much like the literal collision of buddy’s car into yours, subsequently ruining your day potentially your month …It could have taken you right out of the gene flow and the biological book of life then and there FOREVER. So please be grateful as possible for the things which DID NOT happen to you which would be worse. MUCH MUCH worse, even than death. So first thing I would do if this were me, would be to take an evaluation of the entire situation (I do not see things as problems…only situations.) All phenomena can be reduced down to 3 core or Base aspects, I’ll call them 1 active 2 subtractive and 3 inactive . These definitions can be transposed from context to context or from any class of phenomenon to anything in existence the human brain can possibly experience and everything else as well. Future, Past, Present. OR Positive, Negative, Neutral, OR Energy, Matter, Space. OR Gas, Liquid, Solid, – I hope I am making some form of sense as I describe 3 respective attributes or aspects or qualities as they appear in varied common contexts. A situation is likewise composed of 3 possible conditions or states, with three possible base intents And 3 base composite objects. One of those is You. You also are one of the intents (The role you play in the situation) The initial conditions describe how any situation is affecting you. Follow me so far? So simply put this is a model I have devised based on VERY ancient and time tested views that break ANY situation down to its simplest forms so they can be analysed and rationally optimised to ones advantage. NO MATTER WHAT. You cannot lose if you follow me here. So please have patience. Are you familiar with the game of Chess? Or any team sport, or ANY battle, or business activity, ALL are made of situations that give you 3 and only 3 options period. No more or less always 3. You think you have dozens of options in a single situation or moment? Think again as they can ALL be categorised into one of 3 forms as follows. You may advance or retreat or do nothing. This goes for the object opposing your resolve. And the venue upon which the situation takes place by affecting and being effected.
      If in fact you didn’t stop, as you were in motion we can logically establish that either the other car also did not arrest it motion OR it was stationary and failed to move. I contend that WE all are responsible and accountable to at least 33.33…% for our ROLE in events which affect us. This removes any point in “Blaming” external objects, and instead we will assess the state and aspects of ourselves and the other 2 objects and like an equation we will establish balance and determine the optimum option for enabling us to TAKE something from the event and deal with it as a Winner, a Warrior, rather than a Victim or loser without control. I’ll stop here, and conclude my point ASAP in a new post as YT has returned limitations on comment size, but no limits on quality of any kind. P. S. B. continued below.

    • Been here since 2007 and I am sick of it too. Everyone living life and i am preparing for doomsday. 11 years is a long time to wait for the crash!!

    • He admitted that the banks control the collapse. If we assume that “they” are not going to make it public when a crash is created by the banks, then no one can ever know when it will happen. What will happen is that when the wealthy money guy speaking says “there’s a collapse coming”, we go out and buy all of this books, invest in all of the items that he is invested in, making him richer. Just my opinion.

  9. One thing that bothers me…wouldn’t a good piece of land, isolated, somewhere a bit far from town, with a creek / river near be better than having a bunch of precious metals?
    What would you do with these fancy metals, when grocery stores have nothing?
    You think they would buy stuff with silver?
    What silver?
    A good piece of land, a reliable old car and close friends and family, along with some survival skills and tools, aaaaaaand knowledge aaaaaand some daily stuff stored, might be worth more than gold and silver, if it really hits the bottom.

    • +NPC 02 Yes. Trudeau that. Govn’ts can do that and more in most places. It’s about location, location, and no attention.

    • many people behind the NWO movement hates private ownership ( commies ) so your good piece of land will eventually be taxed away. Gold and Silver probably is not the answer either, bitcoin could be the answer, but after the launch of paper bitcoins ( a way to surpress rising prices ) the price will obviously be kept low.

    • +CryptoJohno Sure, after a crisis it could make you rich, if virtual currency doesn’t take over.
      It bothers my mind, however, how gold and silver would be an advantage in a severe crisis, when there is nothing at the grocery stores, and people are looking for food, water and other essential daily items…
      If you came to me, with silver, to trade for a cow, let’s suppose, i only would want that silver, if i had any hope, that in the future, it would be worth something.
      However, if bs currencies don’t go away in a crisis, then i can see the value and advantage of the precious metals.
      Although, i’m not saying that having some precious metals, is useless.


    • Blockchain cryptos are OVER. The new incarnation of crypto will be stablecoins or based on new much better distributed ledger technology (DLT). Blockchain is like the Model T ford of DLT.

  11. Peak Statism? Not even close. Have you watched the Chinese Communist borg lately? The reported million political prisoners? The internet filters? Their soon to be required Social Credit initiatives? Even the expats in China are getting out before it is too late. US politicians and multinationals and social media are now effectively owned by Chinese influence. Failed countries like Venezuela are being bought by China for pennies on the dollar(sic).

    Soon we will be getting implants with GPS and dopamine v dynorphin feeds to steer you in the approved direction. It’s not my grandfather’s world anymore, but the control freaks aren’t finished with us yet.

  12. I say November 29…11 + 2+9 (11)+ 2+0+1+8(11). ..11+11+11=33. G20 summit for us china trade…sell everything you own.

  13. I love the way Jeff thinks. FTW! Do your own thing, in your own time. I own cryptos and silver, and I’m selling my house in Quebec to move to P.E.I. Not quite the same as Acapulco, but no french idiots, plus cheaper land by the beach…

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