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Our Time Has Come: Liberland Diplomatic Event in London, July 2018

Jeff Berwick addresses the Liberland diplomatic event in London. Topics include: the creation of a truly free land, central banks have destroyed much of the world, Liberland symbolic of a shift of human consciousness, this freedom movement cannot be stopped, massive support for Liberland, the age of war is over, an invitation to join Liberland in changing the world.

More about Liberland:

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43 Comments on Our Time Has Come: Liberland Diplomatic Event in London, July 2018

    • Derrick Williams me too! They will have another meetup and boat ride out there before to long. I started a company in Liberland and have been spreading the word to everyone I meet. I prey we are successful at establishing this great country, and if allowed I will settle there.

    • right because the liberland defense force certainly stands a chance against the weapons the elite pedoscum have

    • It is a fundamental human right for people to be able to defend themselves. This is one of the principles that the Founders of Liberland recognized. I give them the upmost respect for honoring these kind of ideals.

  1. A Beautiful idea but what if a government sends undercover agents to Liberland to cause trouble, commit crime etc just to make the place look like a criminals paradise and to make it look like Liberland can’t and does not work?

  2. Liberland ! I love it ! You need to team up with Ken O’keafe.. World Citizen idea and Liberland…

  3. I still don’t get how bitcoin will destroy the banking system. If I have 1BTC and I give it to you for dollars, then those dollars still remain in circulation, because I will spend that dollar somewhere. In that sense bitcoin is a product like everything else. Also if I buy something with bitcoin, lets say on Newegg, they will charge me the same amount for that product, in other word, I will still pay the taxes on that item, the only difference is that I will pay that in BTC…

  4. I heard this unclaimed territory will be taken over eventually by one of either sides. Good luck…i know i wouldn’t want to be there when that happens…they may drop a bomb or just send drones in to wipe it out quickly and swiftly. Stay safe friends, until we meet in heaven 🙂

    • Liberland is only a few square miles, that’s the beauty of it, the other countries can bomb it as much as they want, all of their citizens live in different parts of the world 🙂

  5. The ones in charge don’t really care about the individual coins. They want/need control of the networks! When they mandate we HAVE to use their networks, they’ll be able to charge whatever network fee they wish. They’re also going to bind your network address via RFID to you. Beware! I do believe in crypto, but they’ll not just go away. Think of every angle. The fed made a commercial for an ATL Bitcoin, I believe it’s called. They’re also working within the lightning network and others.

  6. I assure you if Liberland gets any teeth as a Sovereign country it will be invaded and taken over by the usual banking criminals / Vatican.

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