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37 Comments on Orange Man Yells At Bitcoin… Bitcoin Goes Up

    • Monero [XMR] is more of a threat, because it is 100% untraceable.
      Protect your privacy and private property.

  1. US Government is starting to recognize the threat Bitcoin poses to Central Banking….good. END THE FED 🚀 BITCOIN 🚀

    • @adoracle1 It’s a tactic called divide and conquer. And it’s also the reason why many people will stay dumb. One “big name” says one thing, then the other “big name” says the exact same opposite, so people won’t know which person is right. This creates a “divide” between opinions. If one person will say a good thing about it and that’s all, they are promoting it. If one person says one bad thing about it and that’s all, they are also promoting it, because it gets _coverage._ Because cryptos are already popular, they are trying to mitigate the Streisand effect by introducing confusion into the mix, through the means of conflicting information. It’s also how cops justify shooting and killing people, they give 2 conflicting orders like “keep your hands where I can see them” and “turn off your engine,” pure confusion.

      It’s how the government managed to fool people into believing cryptos are a scam. Divide and conquer is also used to prevent some cryptos from becoming too popular. LibraCoin is meant to cause a disturbance in the crypto space, like all other shitcoins. There are some cryptos with good models out there, but small cryptos are one of two things: a scam to make the creator rich, or a psyop to confuse people.

  2. Bitcoin created from thin air…. eeeeerrrr usd is being printed out of thin air and loaned to people at interest wtf donald

    • They always say bitcoin isn’t backed by anything but then again the dollar isn’t either. At least bitcoin isn’t leveraged to hell!

  3. its so liberating to know that no matter who you vote for your gettingvthe same Rothschild puppet paid to keep us docile. if the Fed didnt back Trump he’d be lucky to be on Fear Factor eating pickled horse cocks. 😁. Best way to kill a monster? Stop feeding it.

  4. 9/11 was a Mossad opération first and foremost. Involvement of Saudi individuals is a distraction.

    • Well the Israelis do like murdering Americans, then begging for money and weapons….and this treasonous government covers it up to the public.

    • @Spread Love…Life is short. I was liking Trump until I found out he supports the habitually lying traitors with badges and the First take the guns then goto court statement….Time will reveal all won’t it?

  5. If really deal drugs then you have to have a banking licence. Like the 20tons coke snuggle by JPMorgan

    • Or be a government
      In the 17-1800s the UK pushed opium upon China against their will pushing China into poverty

    • What currency would that be? People don’t generally accept gold and silver coins in commerce, I think.

    • @David Brandt – yes, but when ever gold interferes with the governments plans, they just confiscate(steal it) from the general population. And they can print up a trillion dollars at any time and buy all the cryto’s – nothing is safe from the evil…

    • @dan skroko gold and silver is not currency today. They might be at some point, yes. Right now it’s an investment or an industrial resource.

  6. I’m not convinced that Trump composed that tweet ! There is not one inappropriate exclamation mark in it !

  7. Jeff you’ve done ayahuasca…. you should be awake enough to see what is happening . Libra was the trojan horse for Trump to be able to push the crypto agenda. Get your XRP

  8. Well at some point they will have to make dollars out of weed because there wont be enough trees.

  9. Ouch bro I was military I was young and dumb and joined as a kids but I’ve been an Anarchochapitasist

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