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Jubilee Jolt: Pre-Planned and Leaked ‘Summer of Chaos’ Begins in Dallas

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36 Comments on Jubilee Jolt: Pre-Planned and Leaked ‘Summer of Chaos’ Begins in Dallas

  1. Black Lies Matter person: hello would you be interested in BLM?
    Me: nah I prefer a BLT
    BLM: That’s racist!!
    Me: that’s sandwichist….

  2. We are so docile, they are not able to create chaos 😀 , they will have to
    cut EBT cards.

    • its ok for us to be docile they arent using real people in these events
      anyways, the ones that cause the problems or riot or start fights and all
      that are paid instigators, the Summer of Chaos isn’t about unleashing the
      public on itself, its about funding false Chaos to bring about real control.

  3. Thanks Jeff, I really learn much from your videos. I am in the US, in a
    rural area. If I left the US, where would I go? Other than leaving the US,
    I have been following your advice. Thanks again.

    • You could go too Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan or Sudan for starters.
      Even if what they/fear minions have been saying for the 12 yrs and before
      that is gonna happen why would u puss out and run off like a coward?!?

    • Alaska safe here! Troopers here follow the constitution not the Government!
      Lots of work friend. Get the hell out of there. We did!

  4. Ugh…the f@lse fl@gs are really ramping up. Something interesting:
    Comments with “f@lse fl@g” are no longer approved by Daily Mail comment

  5. All Lives Matter not just Black Lives. I wonder when America will realize
    that. Is this a False Flag event? I don’t know for sure but I wouldn’t put
    it past a corrupt government such as this one.

    • It’s about to get interesting. We haven’t been free for some time. There
      will be a lot of dehydration, starvation, diseases, people dying from not
      getting their medications, weather (freezing or overheating) and plenty of
      killing. If you can survive at least the first few months, there may be at
      least a small silver lining if not just from a survival standpoint.

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