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Jim Carrey Needs To START Apologizing For Socialism! | TDV Reacts

Jeff Berwick reacts to Jim Carrey's bizarre political escapade on Real Time with Bill Maher, Carey says "We have to say yes to socialism — to the word and everything,” the millionaire filmmaker declares, "We have to stop apologizing”

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40 Comments on Jim Carrey Needs To START Apologizing For Socialism! | TDV Reacts

  1. I think carrey should lead by example and give away all his money to the masses and then I will take him seriously!!

    • end of days are you ready No you have to take everyone else’s property too and pool it together for the common good.

    • Socialism isn’t giving away everything you disingenuous liar. The military is a huge social program, but I don’t see most of you fascists cut that budget.

    • There’s no such thing as Socialism, Capitalism, Communism anymore, those are all )ew Academia Construct relics. We’ve excavated, raped, pillaged, bludgeoned earth to its limits. It’s a finite world. Everyone needs to grow up, no ideology is sound from the past. We live in a Resource based economy now. And we’re teetering on catastrophic disaster!

  2. Haha dude its awsum that you seek out “anarchist” societies but i have lived my entire life next to christiania, been there a million times, had a girlfriend from there ( hot af ) and still have a couple of pothead friends living there … its not anarchist because they are not anarchists … it takes ACTUAL anarchists to have actual anarchism.
    Man i should have known you where in these parts, i would have loved to meet you, show you around and shake your hand.
    Keep up your Great Work. 🙂

  3. Classic Berwick! I also live in Mexico (Guadalajara) moved earlier this year and the ONLY thing I fear about life here is that one day in the future the USSA and/or China will invade the one remaining large nation that allows people to live rather freely…much freer than any other big countries.
    Mexico is a paradise and the BEST kept secret worldwide!

    • Interesting stuff. I moved down to Mexico almost 10 years ago and still here loving it. Everytime I go back to the USA to visit, it feels really nice for the first few days, then the reasons I moved creep back in. No way I could ever move back to the USA and be happy.

  4. Reeves is quoted as saying, “Money is the last thing I think about. I could live on what I have already made for the next few centuries.” It has been reported that Reeves gave approximately $80 million of his $114 million earnings from The Matrix
    Reeves set up a cancer charity, choosing not to attach his name

  5. Me parece super ridiculo y greacioso cuando celebridades hablan sobre politica. They live in a fucking bubble.

  6. LoL ! America is funny. Name one politition without a acting qualtification or history, still some people care what they say.

  7. Careful with trusting a Google definitions. I’m old and still have a Websters Dictionary. Google has changed the definition of Capitalism to read sinister intent.

  8. Jeff, since you asked, the “means of production” are people. Socialism calls for those governing to “own the humans” because WE are the only real means of production. Thanks for calling these guys out. Bill makes me vurp every time I hear him.

  9. Marxism was created by a German Jew Karl Marx, part of a long bloodline of Rabbis; he spent probably a total of an hour around the middle classes; wrote the Communist Manifesto, to create war and chaos, to destroy humanity; classic divide and rule tactic.

  10. Hey Jeff, you have mentioned Karl Marx. Did you know that all socialist/communist are hypocrites ? Actually it’s very logical, they apply the say: ” do as I say not as I do”. It’s a collectif delusion. Whatever topic you choose for instance the case of migrants. A lot of socialists says that we need to take care of them etc but when we ask a socialist to invite a migrant to his/her place immediately he/she refuses. You can take whatever topic you want the same principle will aply. That’s because Socialism is a cancer.

  11. Keanu Reeves actually lives like the 99% he gives all of his money to Charity his sister died of a sickness when he was younger. So yes I’d take my hat off to Keanu! He is a hell of a man that can’t be bought.

  12. I am unfortunately still living n Canada and I can wholeheartedly confirm that most of them are brainwashed passive aggressive backstabbing children. I can’t stand being around 99.9% of them. It’s just painful for me.

  13. So much for encouraging visitors to Canadia, I’ve been blocked for visiting (for the first time ever), because of a drink drive offence over 5 years ago…..however for $200 I can apply for a rehabilitation course!. So happens I did that already in UK as a means to reduce driving ban, but the superior Canadian feds disregard that as being valid. So stuff them, I’ll go to a nicer place that doesn’t judge irrationally.

  14. i absolutely hate celebrities = turned off the tv 2 years ago and avoid movies =waste of time = but hey your sheeple need a distraction = get a second job and go mgtow = best thing i ever did 😉

  15. Jim Carrey is a High Priest in the California Illuminati – I thought everyone knew that?

    Everything Jim says is Disinfo and Misdirection. I can’t believe anyone bought his ‘peace & love’ shtick, dumbasses.

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