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Jeffrey Epstein – CIA Mind Control, Media, Narrative, and ‘Truth’

Jeffrey Epstein – CIA Mind Control, Media, Narrative, and 'Truth'

Jeff Berwick walk and talk from the Isle of Crete in Greece. Reflections on the Epstein 'suicide' scandal, all is not as it seems…

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34 Comments on Jeffrey Epstein – CIA Mind Control, Media, Narrative, and ‘Truth’

  1. He knew too much about many billionaires the Clinton’s and other well known political figures. It’s no way you can get off suicide watch that fast. It takes at least 30 to 90 days and you must be released from that unit or jail. He knew toooooo much he had to be silenced. Or they came and got him and he’s somewhere alive.

  2. Hmm, How are you not shadow banned Sir..?!?
    And if you still have FB, your phone is probably compromised o,o
    Nice beach!

    • Do yourself a favor and go and watch the YouTube where they proof how many of the conspiracies became true and factual.

    • @tersia harmse That depends on which conspiracies you are analysing. The biggest conspiracy theory of modern times is that of Iraq and WMD. The very term conspiracy theory was invented by the CIA. Conspiracy is a concept well recognised in law. Labelling something as conspiracy theory is a technique used by the powers that should not be to discredit serious research. The Harvard professor Michael Parenti has called the CIA itself a “structured conspiracy”. The untimely death of JFK was indeed a conspiracy. The evidence is overwhelming. One little known piece of evidence is this: researchers have tracked down father George Bush on the day of the assassination. He was in Dallas that day standing in front of the book depository.

    • Yea I’m not buying Jeff’s opinion. Just because someone likes Trump doesn’t mean the deep state converted them.

  3. Trump has said hundreds of times the mainstream [propaganda] media is fake and the enemy of the people yet when a story tickles ones dopamine receptors the sheeple still emotionally invest themselves. That says more about them than Trump. He is blatantly stating it is fake news. The whole world is indeed deceived.

  4. The only factor to determine for you whether “The truth hurts” or “The truth will set you free” is whether or not you are in alignment with the truth.

  5. They are prepping to go nuclear ww3, they must must mass exterminate according to their master Satan

  6. You just gotta be realistic and support the lesser of evils, that’s what Stefan did. Not everyone can move to acapulco dude

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