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Jeff Berwick To Debate ‘Voting’ at Freedomfest This July – Discount Code ANARCHO100 for $100 Off

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27 Comments on Jeff Berwick To Debate ‘Voting’ at Freedomfest This July – Discount Code ANARCHO100 for $100 Off

  1. Jeff its natural to age let that hair in its natural color, that would also mean ur okay with urself the way u are.
    Ur therapist gonna say stuff like this, only for tonnes of money 😉

    • Krisztian women dye there hair does that mean there not secure or they don’t want to look old. Leave his look alone.

    • anarchy my friend..;) … let the people be like they want to be.. everybody thinks different about things.. 😉

  2. EOS is Going to Be Huge and BIX will not have anything nice to say in this Comment Section……….

  3. Don’t get on a plane on a 11th day. Bad year for plane crashes. One for the past five months on the 11th.

    • Yup your voice, actions, and money are your greatest vote and these are votes almost everyone has and is the only true form of democracy that is fair and balanced

  4. Hey Jeff, you don’t need therapy – just check into a week stay at Rythmia center in Costa Rica… (check out reviews on it)

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