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Is This The End Or Just The Beginning For Cryptos?

Is This The End Or Just The Beginning For Cryptos? Jeff Berwick at the North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami.

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Topics include: Cryptos have only existed for a very short time, this is still very early days, current bear market is quite normal, a short term trend in an overall bull market, big players yet to enter the market, time to get into the market now, Anarchapulco 2019

32 Comments on Is This The End Or Just The Beginning For Cryptos?

  1. RT is reporting today that Iran and Venezuela are going to use crypto currency to thwart the US Sanctions and the SWIFT system.

    • Matt ward sure bro. Try buying anything online with your gold. Should u own some ..of course. But it is not practical for commerce…crypto is gonna happen and go mainstream…

    • +Nunya Bizness I’m thinking you may be right, but I think the two things must meet somewhere, gold and cryptos, so they can be easily exchanged, and that will be a profitable space for the House. keeping hold of one’s real wealth in hand in a treacherous world is a high priority, as well as access to international markets which the treacherous cryptos will offer. Companies like MTrac might be able to make those conversions available to people locally on an immediate basis.

  2. ITS THE END JEFF!!! just ask a Wells Fargo costumer how their digital banking is working out for them today!!!

  3. When I bought bitcoin I had a ten-year plan, I am down about $1500 am I worried, no because the markets have been up and down like a yo-yo and it’s all about to collapse. So unless this a deep state scheme to rob us then I see this market going through the stratosphere, So nine years to go WoW this is going to be a fun ride. As buzz lightyear said “to infinity and beyond”

    • pokeaman1 If you truly understand that crypto’s are really just pure mathematical protection systems that can’t be tricked bitcoin being a deep state scheme is extremely unlikely. Anyways keep HODLING😅👍🏼

  4. I save my money and keep it under my mattress. This way when the banks fail I will have lots of money! I’m a genius.

  5. I am happy to have this to cleanse my mind from your colonic cleanse ama, I have been slightly uncomfortable since yesterday.

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