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37 Comments on International Bankster Agustin Carstens Begs Young People To Stop Using Bitcoin

  1. Well to be perfect honest, in my humble opinion, of course without offending anyone who thinks differently from my point of view, but also looking into this matter in a different perspective and without being condemning of ones views and by trying to make It objectified and by considering each and everyone’s valid opinion, I honestly believe that I forgot what was I about to say.

  2. Central banking is the source of many illogical reasons man is struggling. It cannot be overstated.
    The phenomenon of controlling the money supply must be illuminated into the public eye and it’s evil must be taught to future generations.

  3. That guy’s blood pressure must be off the charts. He should focus on what little life he has left. Rather than yelling at people to avoid crypto.

    • Let’s hope that evil criminal will have a massive heart attack real soon, along with all the other criminals from the evil globalist Cabal.

  4. I have not heard this name before, expose exposed the ones who scream the loudest are the ones that have the most to hide, I want to know more about this elitist

  5. Anything related to Mexican Finance and Mexican government is crooked as crooked as crooked cleanse cleanse cleanse, it’s already exposed pathetic take them down ASAP, save the people of Mexico

  6. He sounds like a Rothschild derivative, pathetic in human, take him away take him down ASAP, make him sing

  7. Holy mempools, that is one big UTXO.

    Somehow I’m picturing this guy in a seedy club in a galaxy far away with a scantily clad princess chained to his chair? Hmm strange this crypto is..

  8. So our EOS is in the Exodus Wallet.
    Do we still keep it parked over there or do we move it?
    Where do we move it?

    • there’s youtube videos on it, check out eosrio (they have an eos wallet) or something they are called, i moved them off exo a while a go now, no issues

  9. If governments would stop manipulating money and using it as a weapon against anyone they don’t like.. maybe people would stop trying to replace it with a better alternative.

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