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Information Warfare: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Well, it’s finally happened: Alex Jones—the “King” of the Info War himself—has been purged out of digital existence by YouTube, Apple, Facebook, Spotify, Pinterest, and Disqus.

Alex Jones on InfoWars:

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24 Comments on Information Warfare: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

  1. the Zeitgeist Eater YT channel a lot of interesting and ahead-of-the-curve ideas on how to use FreeNet on the internet to create highly resilient non-domain, non-server based internet channels, he supports MGTOW, but the technique is very generalisable

  2. this alex jones stuff is all part of their agenda ,he is controlled opposition ,fear porn and half truths.hope you dont work for the bad guys too jeff.

  3. Lovely location setting!! Jeff why don’t you people all join forces stop talking so much and do a mass action lawsuite!! Richie from Boston has his new website @ therealrichifrombostondotcom where all like minded people can join. Even he had been shadow banned together with most truth media…Take these evil lapdogs on!! Take them to high court!! Enough is enough!!

  4. Research “cognitive liberty”. It’s my understanding that in the near future, IN AMERICA, there will be forces that are able to read your thoughts, deem them offensive/inappropriate and could possibly “de-person” you ala the social scoring system that is online now in China. If “de-personned”, you may be block from getting a job, loss of educational opportunities, even travel. That ain’t good. All because you think for yourself and THINK DIFFERENTLY from the fold. Scary. As. Hell.

  5. They are going to try to shut you up too Jeff. Just like they try to shut up Stefan Molyneux, Lauren Southern, and others. Their attack on crypto is apparent as well.

  6. Where Germany fines social media companies 54 Million per violation of “hate speech.”

    Let’s have the USA congress pass a law to fine those same companies 54 million each time they violate one of our individual citizens right to free speech, awarding the money to the individual.

    The suppression of free speech is always more dangerous than any alleged or actual “hate speech.”

  7. Every action has equal and opposite reaction
    They fight us, we fight them, they fight more, we fight more.

  8. Moving to another platform will not stop the threat. The banning of Alex jones smells of a Psy-Op, to allow Trump to save the day and set up a new government department to regulate the internet, and both the Left and the Right, will welcome it.

    Once the government gets their wish, alternative sites, like Bit-chute, Minds, Steemit, will be regulated out of existence.

    If you want this to stop, you cannot run away. You need to turn and fight back.

    The answer is simple, Taxation feeds the evil, without it the threat dies. Most Western countries already have a voluntary tax system. If everyone knew this?…. well, you’d get world peace.

  9. just how many people did barak slaughter with drones?No trial,no warrant,i’m guessin 50-60 thousand.

  10. We should not only be not surprised that Alex Jones was banned from these government funded/controlled social media platforms, we should equally not care, as they ARE government controlled/funded platforms.

  11. I’m not a fan of Jones, although he was a big part of my waking up. And I believe many others were woke by his platform. If he is Co-Intelpro or planted opposition, how many people have left his following and started following people like Jeff? Many people are awakened now cuz of infowars so if it was planted opposition then they really suck at it. I dont want anyone silenced including Killary or CNN. Truly set the market free and the free market will take care of the crap… but that requires real freedom. Not holding my breath. Thanks for the great content Jeff.

  12. Alex “fear-mongering” Jones works for the opposition.. period… “order out of chaos” this is just a trick..

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