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If You Own Gold And Silver But Not Cryptos… Why You Being So Silly?

Jeff Berwick at the Digital Markets and Gold Symposium in Perth. Australia

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Topics include: current difficulty in buying gold, ignorance of gold, all wars are banker's wars, end the fed, mass propaganda vs the free market, indoctrination, a Swiss bank account in your pocket, sound money, gold, crypto, government bankruptcy, the unhealth system, the nature of money, the properties of Bitcoin, avoiding government extortion, encouraging people to use Bitcoin and crypto, price predictions, a good time to be getting into crypto and precious metals, Anarchapulco 2019

52 Comments on If You Own Gold And Silver But Not Cryptos… Why You Being So Silly?

  1. Make sure your spiritual future is in good order as well. 100% die. How we die we may not know, when we will die we may not know, but are we going to die?? Everyone knows the answer to this… But yes I agree. Cryptos to hedge against falling fiat prices. All types of metal for protection as well…

    • Bill Rundell Things like chickens, gold, hours of labor and Bitcoin do not need fiat currencies to give them value . Where did you get that idea?

    • +Bill Rundell yes but now interweb commodities. its a place holder of value, you realize we may be hacking existence, they give us marvel movies so we understand what they have already done so we calm down about it.

    • Bill Rundell crypto and gold and silver are complementary not competing against each other . In what language do people have to get it, i don’t know

    • +Nunya Bizness
      By that logic, sea shells are necessary. You can use anything you want if its worth nothing intrinsically.

      Crypto is made out of nothing, has no backing, no intrinsic value and in fact has a debt based on its energy use to create it while still not being anything at all.

    • Crob O ok. What is backing the USD? Why does it have value? Because a bankrupt country says it does. Its lost 95% of its value over the last 80-90 years. Some Cryptos do have very little backing them besides an idea that may or may not work. Xrp is the best example of a crypto that has an actual use. Tulip bulbs had value hundreds of years ago…. With no real value besides people said it did. Why are diamonds valuable? Because society said they are. Same with crypto…. I would enjoy the ride and make some life changing money while we can…

  2. I own em ALL! But not nearly enough cryptos. Originally I invested $7500 in cryptos but got in a year ago and have lost half. Hoping for a comeback in the big four. I need a rally bad!

    • Same here. I sold my silver to buy cryptos in November last year. Lost 65% of my investment, I started stacking silver again 3 months ago, I’m up 200oz already my goal is 500oz

    • I did the same thing last year and around half of my investment is down, also had around 15 different cryptos, but I’m not worried at all, I know whats coming!! The only mistake I did is chasing new projects and took everything out of bitcoin, so this year and next I will have different approach. Just got to remember that only around 5% of all project will succeed in the future, so choose wise!!! I will dollar cost average only in Bitcoin since all the institutional money will be coming there first…

    • +kevin quinn Why arent you offsetting your losses every couple of months, by speculating on the lows, buying at the support and then selling at the resistance which it usually hits towards the end of the futures expiration. You cant sit, hold and hope, that’s not an investment strategy.

    • Haskell Monads: been putting off getting into the trading end cuz of work. Too many hours too far from home after 10 hours of work six days a week and two hour drives I’m shot. When work lightens up I plan on getting into the “Trade like a Genius” plan.

    • ​+kevin quinn Im sorry to hear that; I appreciate how knackering work and commuting is and I dont miss it anymore.

      Fortunately I set myself up for the rest of my life in crypto in December 2017. I was doing so well with BTC and ETH by literally just sitting on it from Nov 2016 that family and friends asked me to invest their money too; so I put everyone’s money all in one ‘pot’ so to speak and I managed it (or rather just sat and did nothing). We ‘closed’ it in December 2017 at the height of the bubble (as per Jeff’s et al admonition ) and everyone’s returns were in the stratosphere!

      Then in Feb 2018, I opened the ‘pot’ again and started buying BTC at the support and selling at the resistance. we’ve made 23% in the last 7months, which is killing it, in the current climate; things are abit stagnant right now and I’m waiting for BTC to climb to around $8,000 again before profit taking and then when it drops to $6k, or below, I’ll buy again.

      So it’s not rocket science and you can do it. I wish I could help you, but obviously im just a private guy not a firm and not regulated lol; so I dont think I can just take stranger’s money and give them returns?? Obviously it’s different with my aging parents, brother, sister, couple of uncles, close friends, and In-laws family, as they know me (i hope anyway). So perhaps my suggestion to you is to find someone in your family or friends who’s an ‘expert’ on crypto with plenty of time to trade the underlying asset and then start a joint ‘pot’ for him or her to manage???

      I hope it works out bud.

  3. I always say this in comments. Crypto people are cool with precious metals, but many gold bugs hateeee cryptos

    • One is open source and the other is tangible.
      They aren’t equitable in concept outside of acceptance of trade

    • The patent for blockchain is held by the jewish pedophile banking families since 1990 after the CIA held it and used it for black ops and assassination payments.

    • People should be open to all avenues of wealth generation. I was a metals snob but have since embraced the cryptos cuz it’s the new thing and I wanted to get in before it’s gone fully mainstream.
      Too much manipulation though since Wall Street got involved with the futures nonsense.

  4. Cryptos aren’t going to save humanity. It’ll just give more power to the global smart grid. But go, spread the propaganda, little lemmings. Maybe you trust Jeff because he mixes in a little bit of truth about the central banking history. Didn’t Trump do that too? And oh wow, there’s only been more debt and more war since.

    • Aberfoyle Samson they have computers that mine. Mine what ? Nothing in your hand your computer fails your crypto’s fail

    • I love cryptos but you are right. Until cryptos are a store of value they will be just fiat payment systems – there will be hundreds thousands of coins that try and do this. Using these coins to transfer value is great, but pointless to HODL.
      Thats why i only value a few… Bitcoin (secure) and Monero (privacy).

    • James Havlin Things can have intrinsic properties, but nothing has intrinsic value. All value is subjective.

    • The value they store is limited amount. Can’t be printed to infinity and can’t ad unlimited zeros. A bitcoin can be sent from US to China in seconds. The person in China receives the exact same bitcoin sent by the person in the US. Any value there? You kill the power or the internet at this point we’re done. Bitcoin or no bitcoin.

  5. He states, that Richard Nixon was responsible for the Fake Moon landing.
    He is in favor of Crypto currency.
    Be careful on who you listen to.

    • +One Satoshi
      The Russian Moon orbiting space crafts have sent back pictures of 5 out of 7 Apollo
      landing sights, showing in details of the of Rover track paths.
      The Russians have also verified the Audio and Video pictures that were
      transmitted from the moon every time.
      From around the world and from every nation people watched live in 1969 the events
      of the first Moon landing, After this, there is over 1000 hours of recorded video of theses
      7 Lunar landings.

  6. government kill everyone he’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing this guy he tries to tell you he’s about Anarchy when he’s always trying to push the only currency that can be fully monitored by government once they fully push cryptocurrencies you no longer have any freedom the government will know what you buy where you buy it and when you buy it

    • You must not be paying attention. I am for 100% privacy coins and this is why I have not liked the direction of bitcoin for the last year. Fk the govt and the central banks.

    • Yes it will be monitored. Heading down the road to the mark of the beast and biblical prophesy being fulfilled…. People need to get right with the Lord.

  7. Cryptocurrencies are subject to taxes, the stock market, inflation, money laundering charges, and all it takes to ruin it is an EMP or grid takedown. In 2008 the real estate market crashed and everyone knew that history repeats itself and all I have been watching is cryptocurrencies crash. So you are pushing the NWO, that is the plan to push for a one world currency? Plus the cryptocurrencies market is subject to A.I. algorithms.

    • No mate…you think everything, absolutely everything is pre-orchestrated in absolution.To some to degree it is but you are disrespecting chaos. sorry mate i think the universe is deliberately equally chaotic and orderly.

  8. Before I even watch this, I already know you didn’t cover the fact that PMs aren’t susceptible to a 51% attack

  9. Those having cryptos are silly, but I’m a minarchist, so I don’t mind if some of you sillies like fiat currency like crypto, you can have it till they turn off the power sil lies !

  10. My opinion and Im far from original in this thought, is that cryptocurrency WONT DEcentralize, it WILL centralize, simply because the State will bring out their own Cryptocurrencies – then move to a cashless system. This will then provide a central monitoring point for all transactions, and tax inspection. Im not opposed to this, but I understand why people might be uncomfortable by it.

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