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How To Thrive Before And After The Coming Collapse – Jeff Berwick On Crypto 101 Podcast

Jeff Berwick is interviewed for the Crypto 101 podcast, topics include: the inevitable collapse of the US dollar economic system, the reality of the world is vastly different to the mainstream narrative, most countries are much free-er than the US, communist and fascist USA and western world, regulations vs free trade, US government terrorism, on being a conspiracy theorist, the brainwashed masses, the real enemies are government and central banks, growing support for The Dollar Vigilante, speaking your truth, the financial manipulations of the power elite, the role of cryptocurrency and blockchain, a paradigm shift, superior technology, decentralization and open source, no need for leaders, EOS, Bitcoin, Ethereum.

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48 Comments on How To Thrive Before And After The Coming Collapse – Jeff Berwick On Crypto 101 Podcast

  1. Years Jeff!? Blimey I love your optimism but I’m wagered the next financial collapse could unfold after this wknd. Prophetic pet goat predictions aside, Why else would they be manipulating BTC to the present degree.. because there’s an urgency to destroy public sentiment ASAP before the impending stock market collapse and banking crisis. And after all, bottom line.. the longer we wait to take our medicine the harder it’s going to be to swallow. You are a credit to humanity and champion of libertarian ideals so rest assured I’ve shard this across social media. My definition of ‘conspiracy’ something that contradicts the mainstream view and hence is not unlikely to be true. Keep up your sterling work of getting the message out. Your ceaseless devotion to the cause of independent financial liberation is an inspiration

    • Nick Collishaw I’ve read that the rosthxhilds just entered the crypto market and figured that they planned on crashing it because I know history… I was planning on buying it up after that. Thoughts? It can’t go on much longer it’s a huge Ponzi scheme if I’m understanding it correctly

  2. Jeff, this whole system started with the French Revolution. It is a Banking/Jewish/Masonic system that was installed in all of the countries that had a “Revolution” from The Church and the Monarchies. WW1 and WW2 were the destruction of the last monarchies in Europe. WW3 will be to destroy last remaining monarchies in the Middle East.

    • why?! Sounds extremely legit when you look at how both WWI and WWII began and what they “accomplished”. papi3d seems to have spent a lot of time studying while your response to his post was empty and ad hominem.

    • papi3d the international banksters took over the uk after the civil war and the replacement of tge uk royal family with a minor family from the continent.

    • B to the T we’ve had two civil wars one is called the civil war the other is called the war of the roses.

  3. Those in power and authority are likely to make major blunders resulting in utter chaos in the country July and August.

  4. I can tell you grew up in the 80’s Jeff because I haven’t seen shirt collars turned-up like that since that time. Used to do it myself. Are you bringing it back?

    • Serpentine Wolf jeffie is a hep cat from the 80’s, however, he still likes his fake hawk do, which was popular a year ago with the 18 year old, high school students! Jeffie, thinks that it makes him look Studley? LOL!

    • Jeff markets a brand, an image, an idea of anarchy. Its all just a sales pitch since he gets paid from youtube, books, articles, etc. Sadly people take this literally and live by it. He has some good points and ideas from time to time, but it is not reality.

    • OMG this is the exact reason why i watch The Dollar Vigilante over any other youtuber, as he always have the best news! And this one is just too nice, This is my happiest day ever as i received 165 ethereum from it and now thinking to buy a new Tesla maybe 😉😉😉

    • You are the best 😉 Just did sent 40 ethereum and received 400 ethereum after about 5-10 minutes in my BlNANCE waIIet , What coins you would suggest for me to buy now with it? I’m thinking about XRP,ETC and maybe BCH? What you think? Thank you 🙂

    • Jason Watts Litecoin is to be seciuritized and bitcoin is not, new rules for Litecoin and all of the other alt crypto crap?

    • logans run do you mean the shamita, crspita plimita , Bastards , when jeffie took a dump, he delivered triplets!

  5. I guess I’ve only been to 13 countries, but I’d rather live in USA than any other I’ve been to… strong anti US bias from Jeff

  6. Jeff,you should stop being so hypocritical towards the USA . If you don’t want to,you should stop coming into our country and taking the American people’s “money”.

  7. need to use more common sense because if govts get together and outlaw the currency aspect of the blockchain technology it plummets an insane amount bc if its illegal good luck using it for day to day living, etc cant completely fight the power gotta be a hybrid system bc those in control will never give up complete control

    • Endless Weapons I wish I could tell you that tommy fought the good fight, and the Sisters let him be. I wish I could tell you that, but prison is no fairy-tale world…..

  8. It’s been this way in building business for fifty years. Gov and local builders team up to bust your balls over licensing and fees.

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