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30 Comments on How to Invest, Save Taxes, Live Anywhere, and Diversify Internationally in 2019

  1. Never trust a financial “advisor” that makes their pitches with images of the luxury meaningless things you can buy with the wealth they promise all around them. Especially things they themselves can’t even close to afford, like the yacht in the thumbnail.
    Oh and by the way, G Edward Griffin plagiarized his entire career from Eustace Mullins. And crypto is 100% centralized to the internet and the Google, Apple and Bill Gates owned devices you need to interact with it in any way. That’ll teach the Fed to enslave man kind with cash I can go buy my neighbours lawn mower with right now. Hellooooo freedom. Crypto is regression. Gold is the closest to free man will get.

    • Kermit “crypto is 100% centralized to the Internet”. Dude honestly and I am going to be very honest you have no idea what you are talking about. You don’t necessarily need the Internet to be connected to the bitcoin network. There are other ways you can use to connect to the Bitcoin network. Please do some research next time before embarrassing yourself like that.

    • The majority of the internet is ran on linux servers which is free open source software. Mobile is currently monopolized by google and apple though but hopefully we’ll have linux options for that as well.

  2. Right from the beginning, he talks about the wall keeping people “IN”, as well as out. I’m all for border security, but is a giant all imposing wall necessary? I just keep thinking about the Berlin Wall, and how that worked out. I sure wouldn’t want to live right next to a border wall, no matter what country I lived in. It would make me feel like my house was built in a prison yard or something.

  3. Good commercial, i have gained and lost a lot over the past 10 years investing … i gotta check this out as well.

  4. I usually love “how to” videos. Judging from the title of this one, I was hopeful.
    But for anyone who hasn’t yet wasted their 6 minutes, this is a sales pitch without actual info.
    He actually ends with “You have to act NOW! Time is running out!”

  5. Crypto is a scam, silver and gold in your hand is the solution, stop supporting criminals and their rigged currencies

    • Yes. There is a new rule that allows the IRS to revoke your passport if you owe the government/IRS money. I don’t believe it has been enforced yet/or only in special circumstances, but they do have the power to ‘jerk your chain’ right back home if they so desire.

  6. How to Invest, Save Taxes, Live Anywhere, and Diversify Internationally in 2019: Pay The Dollar Vigilante and then he will tell you how. How I hate these dishonest attention grabbing clickbait titles. Probably a reason why I’m not subscribed to him…

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