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How to Empower Everyone: Dollar Vigilante on The Arcane Bear

How to Empower Everyone: Dollar Vigilante on The Arcane Bear

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Topics include: US money supply tripled in the last decade, coming hyperinflation, getting out of the stock market and into precious metals and crypto, government bonds are not a safe haven, negative interest rates, increasing problems with mainstream banking, crypto adoption, the origins of The Dollar Vigilante and Anarchapulco, black swans and derivatives, top finance people still have no idea whats going on, cannabis and individual sovereignty, psychedelic medicine, Anarchapulco 2020!

26 Comments on How to Empower Everyone: Dollar Vigilante on The Arcane Bear

  1. Yeah I overcame some of the fear of bitcoin by just buying a little to begin with. Good advice – just start buying some.The most prudent in society (the savers) and the elderly are robbed by inflation and negative or next to negative rates. I was sick of being a bag holder saving money at 2% a year and see groceries going up 10%.

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  3. Cryptos are now manipulated by exchanges… they can take it… they can tax it…i don’t see how you think its the go to during a collapse. Precious metals in hand is the ONLY safety. Once an exchange has your name and bank account number … they got you. Nothing different than the stock market. Cryptos have no substantial value… nothing backing the value. This relies on the fickleness of the public and can be manipulated. Cryptos have the value of what the fiat currency value has as when you sell it to spend it.

  4. Продал сегодня свою машину ) Инвестировал в ETH, XRP и в ICO Телеграма На Телеграм у меня самые большие надежды!

  5. Learned a lot on this one!
    Some bizarre and some useful.
    I guess I’m too old to understand.
    But I do get Bitcoin. I’m there.

  6. Tijo the freemasonic homobear. Well birds of a feather flock together I guess. Still kind of like Jeff even though the poor guy is a j3w who refuses to out the tribe.

  7. Jeff, I just got back from the Philippines looking at condos, went to the bank with over $1000 USD (in Pesos though) and wanted to open a bank account, I need an alien registration card, which I don’t think is really that hard to get. The sexy bank teller girl told me this, then she said, “by the way if you have over $50,000 cash in the bank here you will be taxed by the gov’t”…I then said, “well, so if I have multiple bank accounts then it will be ok, right?” she just smiled and said “I’m not sure..” ^^ taxing cash in the bank!?!?! WTF!??! HELLO BITCOIN!!! 🙂 peace from Xian, China.

  8. 30:09- CACAO!!!! Finally Jeff!!! FINALLY!!! The currency of MEXICO until the end of the 1800’s!!!!! HELLO??? ^^ 🙂 peace from China.

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