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Here Comes Negative Interest Rates and Hyperinflation Worldwide!

Here Comes Negative Interest Rates and Hyperinflation Worldwide!

Jeff Berwick walk and talk from Mexico City. Trump has become enamored of European style negative interest rates, what could possibly go wrong?

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26 Comments on Here Comes Negative Interest Rates and Hyperinflation Worldwide!

    • We will not wake up.. A lot of people will die and after that we will enter a new age of time. When the people who’s survived the crash understand what actually was happening, they will make a decentral new world in crypto en love in the antropoceen age

    • @Rik Blokland You are absolutely right in my opinion about the world not waking up. But am not so sure about the coming new age of time as you put it. There will be so many players shaping that new age – a new elite, advance technology, AI, robotics, etc. I think gold and nations that hold a substantial amount of gold will be important players as well. And as you rightly pointed out, cryptcurrencies will undoubtedly play fundamental roles in the coming new age.

  1. Credit cards aren’t at 0. percent. Only the ones on the top are getting payed to barrow money. Everybody else is getting the shaft

  2. Everytime I hear the intro to your video I wanna break out in song “Welcome to the (Candy Shop)” by 50 Cent… Great video once again brother!

  3. Yes, it’s going to be a wild ride! I already have the silver I need and therefore feel confident that I’m sure to do well “on the other Side”.

  4. Where is all the money going? Why is there such debt – shouldn’t those who mismanage the economy be held accountable?

  5. I’ve been following u 4 a couple of years now ( and so has lucy) and we both have learned a lot …”GREAT STUFF MATE” THANKS!

  6. How is allowing china to be the world’s manufacturing powerhouse a good thing for the world’s economy.?
    How is cheering on moving all industry to china with free trade, not cheering on our own demise.?

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