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Government: Parents NEED A LICENSE for Kids to Play Together

We don’t need state permission to let our children play! #PeakStatism

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39 Comments on Government: Parents NEED A LICENSE for Kids to Play Together

  1. Jeff Berwick do you know anything about a black triangle shape UFO the size of a football field do you know what they are I have been seeing UFOs since I was little and my whole family has seen them also and recently I seen this creature in my window that look like a machine it had round metal cylinder eyes and its mouth was the same as its eyes any information would be greatly appreciated

    • Eureka_sevenfold

      Sir, it isnt a Alien Technology it is a Man Made Technology created in WW2 from the Nazis. After the war the CIA take all Nazis in the USA and they created NASA. You can read the book from the Legend Officer Milton William Cooper : Behold a Pale Horse from 1991. He saw the all the Technology. The Army is 50 year ahead with the technology.

      They want you to believe that the Aliens are behind, nope the Army is , simpel the Elite are behind it.

      It goes on and on….

      You can listen his Show Mystery Babylon.

      William Cooper predicted in his book that 2001 will be a Terror attack in his book from 1991 !! After 9/11 happen they have killed William Cooper.

      Man wake up

      Its big Agenda behind it

    • +swardinc the problem is these craft has been sighted since the 1980s that is plenty enough time for testing and also for releasing the technology to the public I mean the Blackbird was made in the 1960s and the information was put it in the public in the 1990s after the Soviet Union collapse so all these years since the tr3b has been sighted we still have no technology from it in no knowledgement of The Craft except a couple of people that claimed that they worked on the craft or new people that worked on The Craft that crap is so big it’s like it’s used for like a bomber or something there’s no reason to be in a civilian non-war location but whatever is it can parently read minds because the last time I seen it I was thinking why I haven’t seen any UFOs in a long time and then two days later one showed up when I was driving home

    • +Eureka_sevenfold true but the same could be said about would you release a plane that can go from a dead stop to blink and it is gone. I will not say one way or the other because like you said a lot of unknown still one thing i have noticed more people have seen it so maybe this is a slow revel because there is a lot of people who are still very religious in the old ways and see things like the ufo as the devil. can you image tommrow if they released that how many people would go nuts?

    • …doesn’t mater as ‘they’ have already started sewer to tap plants, I think San Diego is the first, and upon hearing about it donny hitler trumpo said..’hope u like ur new water’

    • Nomad Wizard Haha, good thing I don’t live in SD or drink tap water. More of a reason to install wells and/or harvest rainwater. One of the main dangers about drinking recycled waste water is that some of the synthetic chemicals(found in medications) might not be broken down completely at the wastewater treatment plants prior to being released via tap water

  2. Marxism, they are not your children but the state’s. Sustainability is cradle to grave “education”. They will also choose your friends.

  3. well its not the government fault. it’s the tax slaves fault because they are happy with their total enslavement. Americans are loosers wimp

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