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Free Market Cryptocurrencies to End Communist Tyranny – Jeff Berwick on CryptO

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Jeff is interviewed by Omar of CryptO News, topics include: Ethereum, anarchism, government mind control, indoctrination, cryptocurrencies are free market money, Mexico and Acapulco, government and freedom, Anarchast, Anarchapulco 2018!

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42 Comments on Free Market Cryptocurrencies to End Communist Tyranny – Jeff Berwick on CryptO

  1. Government is government, if you have one, and you submit to its rule you are owned. end of story, that is literally why everyone has a certificate of birth. that is our government issued certificate of ownership clearly stating you are the property/stock of whatever country you were born in. I could not agree with these guys more. The entire idea of government is no more real than santa clause and only exists because we “believe” in it. Arrest is kidnapping, taxes are theft, police are state sanctioned murderers and thieves and the same goes for the military. the true evil in this world wears a 3 piece suit and gets driven everywhere in a limo. Those are the criminals, those are the traitors, those are the perpetrators of the needless endless suffering of literally billions. I’ve been aware of this for nearly twenty years and it is so liberating to finally see people really waking up to these facts. AMEN HALLELUJAH!!! The Truth Will Set You Free

    • still alot of brainwashed people out there… interesting how they stay away from crypto mostly… its like kryptonite to them 🙂

  2. The biggest store in the world has no store (Amazon), the biggest taxi company in the world has no taxi (Uber), the biggest hotel company in the world has no hotel (Airbnb). Interesting.

    • I am not sure what this articles means 100%, could you explain in plain english? also i am from EU, does this affect me?

    • it means that the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) considers Token sales regulated by the SEC, huge nasty horrible bad news…. like reallllly fucking bad. However, they do use the word “may” be considered a security…. so maybe just scaring off new ICO’s….. maybe!

    • Yes, they can, , they are the US government. But they can only do this in the USA, with that said, look for the EU and UK to take similar measures. The central bankers run the show. AND — the Bilderbergers/central bankers invested hundreds of millions in BTC early on, as well as invested heavy into ETH, so they control the majority of the 3 largest digital currencies (including Ripple) (“fact”)

    • Berwick is unique in the fact that he’s taken the philosophy of Anarchism, popularized it , and made it easy to understand for every day people. People who would’ve never understood the works of Ayn Rand. I agree, Omar did mean to say another word, but I found it as a form of comic relief as if his innocent blunder inadvertently broke the ice and allowed these two men to relax enough to build both a meaningful and intelligent conversation.

  3. Jeff are you helping to propagandise the acceptance of a one world currency for the “communists”? Knowingly or unknowingly?

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