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Follow Your Passion – Jeff Berwick at the Infinite Man Summit, Lisbon, Portugal

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Topics include: finding your passion, trusting the universe, learning through failure, networking, if you build it they will come, committing to a new business, everything you need to know about business.

29 Comments on Follow Your Passion – Jeff Berwick at the Infinite Man Summit, Lisbon, Portugal

  1. Hahaha, I think bitcoin is collapsing along with others. I knew this 6k price for so long was going to finally give way. Not buying Jeff except physical silver maple leafs. Peace!!! You need to do a video walking your dogs, we miss those videos!!

    • Yes, if you read the TDV newsletter you know we sold significant amounts last Dec/Jan near $20,000 and are still waiting for the final bottom to buy. We recommended going into precious metals. 😉

  2. As Jeff says, its all about passion is pivotal. My passion has been to develop methods to teach Spanish speakers English through non conventional methods. Most everything I use came from the people I help despite the fact I studied the subject at a foreign university. I do not make a lot of money but I generally have more money in my pocket than some of the guys that make 20 times what I make. The amount of money does not have to be the absolute measure but you need to live well. And you can do that. And be honest and sleep well..

  3. Wish you’d had longer to talk, seemed like you were trying to fit a tone of stuff into a short amount of time but it was still awesome!

    • It actually was an hour long talk. Infinite Man only wanted to release a portion as they sell the videos (which are well worth the money imho).

  4. My passion is to restore the davidic Monarch not only over Israel but over the entire world. And anarchists are the direct antithesis to this passion. Just kidding really it’s the Catholic Church.

  5. Quit your job not tomorrow not the end of the day but this very minute. Don’t worry be happy. If you have faith the universe will provide. Git er done!! What pie in the sky simplistic bull******

  6. Can’t believe I’m in the same country at the same time as Jeff, it always seems like he’s at the other side of the world.

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