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End of Empire – Jeff Berwick and the Keys to Freedom

Jeff Berwick is interviewed by the enthusiastic Keys to Freedom crew; Mitch Sanders and Nathan Birch in Sydney, Australia.

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Topics include: what is Anarcho-Capitalism, classical liberalism, crapitalism, the origins of government, currencies around the world collapsing, bond yields and debt, global financial depression, too big to bail, inflation, USSA children born into massive debt, central banking, propaganda and empire, the global elite and the occult, smartphone zombies, the internet putting like minds together, blockchain payment systems, Bitcoin, massive innovation going on with EOS, Anarchapulco 2019

26 Comments on End of Empire – Jeff Berwick and the Keys to Freedom

  1. I live here in this communist country ussa .It’s not to serve and protect it’s to stun gun shoot and collect bankers law great Britain law admiralty maritime Marshall law great Britain law….fact

    • The money is the mark of the beast. The book “They own it all, Including you!” Makes a very good case for it using admiralty law with your agreement! JUST SAY NO TO IT!

    • You are born with the “mark of the beast” 6 protons, 6 neutrons, 6 electrons (Carbon the basic essential of life). The “mark of the beast” is a piss poor excuse for uneducated individuals. Money is a tool just as your computer is a tool. Stop reading the bible at face value (Prima Facie). There’s a story within the story but you won’t see it because religious dogma brainwashing.

  2. In a way, the elites are doing the cattle masses a favor by crashing the economy. The sheeple will never learn to use sound money or avoid government until they pay for their poor choices.

    • Dead right…sheeple in western societies at least with their football, their celebrities and their first world problems, unlike the poor bastards in 3rd world countries….BTC is really for them and the maybe 5-10% of switched on people in the west. Yes, it will take a catastrophe for the scales to fall from the sheeples eyes…but first the fascists will look for scapegoats & then ultimately a useless, mindless war to further distract the sheep, who of course will buy into it 100%, never realising the problems lie within the stinking rotten corrupt system that the fascists/govts/banks have been shoving down their dumb throats for half a century. Then, as history shows, this will fail too…but it will be too late for the sheep. Never forget, humans are a herd animal, they run together in fear and only slowly do they come to their senses, one by one.

    • +Crypto Revolt You’ve forgotten the most important fact … You are one of these fearfull human sheeps still within the system that’s oppressing you. Otherwise you’d be out there educating and creating steps towards the truth, for fearfull animals to discern and accept.

  3. All check it out and down load a wallet. I’m sure I can figure it out with a little help maybe it’s all new to me thank you…jeff👍

  4. These blokes you are with have been pushing property investing in AU and bragging about their success, I really hope their clients are all in sustainable positions right now with prices falling, banks tightening lending and closing accounts of property investors whose numbers now don’t add up. Let’s hope for the coming years they are ok! The buddy your guest has the F-bomb seriously lets this whole interview down. NFI about current interest rates.
    You win some you lose some, would be great next time you’re here you can interview someone with more credibility. How did you even cross paths with these people? Oh that’s right they can’t even let you get a word in.

  5. australians think there free,u buy property and pay stamp duty like 4% ,u sell and u pay tax,a property worth more than allowed u have to pay land tax if u rent it out,.buy stocks and high risk and if u make a gain u pay tax,packet of ciggarettes are $46.50 p/packet ,they make fuel and pay high taxes included and the price $1.55 to $1.75 is mostly tax ,u use btc atm machine and y need passport to buy btc,its one of the few countrys companys wont invest as they need to pay high taxes,the only material australia makes and digs it out of the ground is commoditys and more than 5% goes to aboriginies and they drink and fight there way through life as where they live they are bored and dont need to work ,i can keep on going on and on

  6. China have communism and live far better than most americans! You americans really don’t know what you are talking about. Before you will realise that major problem is capitalism, you will be doomed.

  7. Anarchist: Someone who wants to riot in the streets.
    Capitalist: Someone who has stolen money from others.
    Anarcho Capitalist: A rich guy who wants to riot in the streets so he can steal even more money from people.

  8. As a freemason myself, I think you guys need to understand – WE HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THE GLOBALISTS OR THE ELITE … if a central banker is a member of a church … is the church responsible for the evil they perpetrate? As for the symbolism, whoop-de-do … Mason’s used to have a large membership many of whom worked in technical fields, so our symbolism has gone far and wide … does that mean we support everything our symbols are used on? Of course not … Do you think Andrew Jackson is happy being on a Federal reserve note? Come on people … Masonry is about developing a philosophical mind – it’s about challenging things … that’s why the Nazi’s, the communists, and yes the damned banksters (who own the media and have a lot of control over the ton’s of trolls on the Internet and even here on youtube) have ALWAYS hated and worked to destroy Masonry …. instead of talking trash, join up and learn about us – you are free to leave if we try to make you do a goat.

  9. I don’t think we’ll make it past the end of the year to be honest with you. They played and add before this video accusing Trump of tax fraud and it’s clear they will attempt to impeach him. I seem to recall recently seeing billboards stating sonething to the effect of “if you try to impeach prepare for civil war”, and sadly rather than take responsibility for destroying this country they’re going to pull the plug and let the brainwashed masses do it for them. It’s not looking good

  10. Remember that when Adam foolishly took and ate the fruit from Eve[knowing better]a huge transfer of wealth began.The kingdoms of the world[and thus the currencies including gold and silver]were now Satans too control as sees fit.Satan divis out money however he wants.The coming depression is going to be worldwide and like nothing this world has ever seen–the rich will defraud common people of everything in a heartless manner.Protect yourself if you can even as Joseph made plans for Egypt for a coming famine–it is coming-don’t be caught by surprise.Get out of the big cities!!!!

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