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21 Comments on EDUMACATION – College Students Would Rather Take $1 than 1 bitcoin (worth $8,000)

  1. No no you are wrong they have learned how to build mountains of paperworks and forms and credit applications and compliance reports…..

  2. Its because most people are full of parasites and Candida. Parasites control behavior. Of course they’re gonna go for the chocolate.

  3. One time there was this person that got kick off the airplane. Cops says come let’s go. And That person said. No!!! I have a college education. I swear to god that what came out of that person mouth. Cops said I don’t Care let’s go.

  4. College = Smart??? What a joke. I love your principal regarding hiring college educated indoctrinated zombies! Political Science degree = $400,000 debt and no job offers!

  5. My daughter was smart. She obtained her degree through a junior college online with no debt and now works for an airline making $65,000 a year with no debt and no car or credit card debt. Advantage of good advice from practical real world parents. And she already owns bitcoins. Proud dad ✋🏻!!

  6. I went to uni in the UK back in the early 80s – I realised then that it was largely a joke and that a lot of what I was being taught in a psychology degree was pure BS – I did some research of my own to dig up some truth on one of the courses – and, surprise me not – I found a major review paper that agreed with my view, not what was being taught – now THAT was a life lesson

  7. Digibyte will have much bigger gains than bitcoin as its better technology and has far more use cases.

  8. Hahahaha great video! I feel your pain. I’m an American who went to college for two years before I realized everything. I’m still regretting it!

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