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Doug Casey On Trump, Cryptocurrencies, the Coming Collapse and the End of Western Civilization

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Jeff interview the original international man, veteran speculator and personal mentor, Doug Casey. Topics include: Doug's new highly rated novel 'Drug Lord', Donald Trump and his lack of philosophical core, the new divide of hate, potential for civil or nuclear war, the upcoming financial collapse, the decline of western civilization, the end of capitalism? a solipsist philosophy, the usefulness of crypto and blockchain tech, the gold and mining industry is a dinosaur industry, mining stocks cheap again, gold and silver prices, the situation in Europe, growing government overreach, international diversification, a turn around in Argentina,

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37 Comments on Doug Casey On Trump, Cryptocurrencies, the Coming Collapse and the End of Western Civilization

  1. Awesome interview!! Thanks for introducing me to this gentleman. I thoroughly enjoyed his demeanor and points of view

  2. shake the bush only if you have to, disconnect but carry the weight of the world, follow the truth because that is the real money, governments are all fake, tell that guy nukes are fake. #researchflatearth

    • +JT Madden
      Not only is the earth flat, but it is carried on the back of four elephants who stand on the back of a giant turtle swimming in space. All you have to do is read Terry Pratchet’s books about Discworld. Start with “Guards, Guards”, then you’ll be hooked and read them all.

    • caessarion is the earth is flat who holds up the earth? Or what holds up the earth? And what holds up that? And what holds up that?

    • Kyle lmao what crackpot channel did you get that from. please please please tell me so i can watch it.

    • didnt get it from a channel, i do my own research, its built off theories that have no relation to reality. these fear based mind control systems are built to keep you obedient and worship government to protect you from the myths they create.

    • Kyle im sorry but there has to be a new categorie for people like you. basically you dont believe anythings real cause the government says it is. you are not real you are an illusion or a ghost or even better a simulation lmao. you are a dumbass lol

    • I don’t believe JT Madden is real. I see his words on my screen right now, but my theory is that it’s the mind control systems trying to dissuade me from believing that nothing is real. Hail Eris! Fnord!

    • Thank you Kyle.

      Finally, someone on youboob speaks the truth about the fallacy of “nuclear power”.

      Do your research people.

      E does NOT equal MC squared. Einstein was an idiot.

  3. Jeff should interview more investors and individuals that are investing their money abroad in a various areas like agriculture, real estate, construction, banking, energy, farming, logistics etc.

  4. I must say its easier not to take things seriously when you live in the lap of luxury. Great interview though

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