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37 Comments on Domino’s Pizza Answers Statists Who Ask “Who Will Build Muh Roads?”

  1. The state which does an incredibly bad job of maintaining the infrastructure due to tax liabilities it supposed to be supplanted by corporations who do a terrible job at being corporations or honest? Neither are capable of being trusted to take care of the needs of the American people. Corporations are the devil in the death of any real progress in this country. If we want to get rid of the state we also have to do away with the corporate infrastructure because they would she lie and steal their way to cost cutting savings.

    • Christopher Jennings
      The state should be supplanted with voluntarism. Did Dominos rob people for the road repair? No, it engaged in a voluntary transaction and resolve potholes without coercion. That’s what we champion, for all human interactions to be voluntary. By the way, evil businesses shall lose to those righteous in a truely free market where people speak with their wallets.

    • Ben G on this point a vehement Lee disagree with Libertarians about this concept of free enterprise replacing evil Enterprise. Entrenchment is entrenchment if these so-called truly good corporations displays the truly evil ones they become the new entrench corporations in overtime become quite corruptible as all corporations regardless of how good and shiny their intentions appear to be are only out for the bottom line and are not good for the will and needs of people. This idea that businesses that are in it for the money can somehow satisfy the needs of people who aren’t is absolutely ridiculous. And just as socialist have had to give up the concept of Distributing money to the people in terms of jobs and wealth creation that way so to Libertarians will have to give up this ridiculous idea that Private Industry can replace government which is absolutely ludicrous. It is all corruptible we have to replace it with an individualized voluntary in ISM where we vote blockchain wise on matters and issues that affect us in our regions. Giving the powerful one group of entrenched and privileged individuals to another group of entrenched in a highly paid individuals is an absolutely stupid idea.

    • Ben G the same people that Libertarians complain run the government are the same people who run the corporations that use the government to enrich themselves.

    • Ben G there was also proof in the pudding that the government has become more corrupt and less able to deal with the needs of the people due to increasing corporate influence in Government or politics. There is no way in hell anyone with any half a brain would ever indoors giving these corporations even more power that is stupid.

    • Christopher Jennings
      Corporations are powerless without government force. Corporations are also a creation of government, so no government, no corporations. Are you an anarchist or would you still support government coercion?

  2. Bro, as a maverick myself, I traveled to many “free thinking” communities and anti-govt groups. But there are MASSIVE social contracts that keep everyone in check. A guy like myself who does not participate in the social contract, is quickly identified within the group and it’s “non-existent” leadership structure suddenly manifests itself in order to kick me out of the group.
    Even at your Anarchpulcho event, there is governance implemented to keep people like me from bulldozing the event. So I dunno what your point is but it doesn’t seem accurate with human nature. All cows get along and don’t need no bull, that is until a lion like myself comes along.

    • @M Krafts a ruler is someone who rules over people, if you do not agree you aren’t even safe in your own home, cause they claim ownership over you yourself.
      a leader is someone you follow voluntarily and if you don’t you don’t .. if you are on someones property, in someones house or whatever you need to respect the house rules if not you get kicked out.. you can’t just claim ownership over a huge geographic area and claim ownership over anything and anyone within that imaginary line you’ve drawn on a map, like government does.
      what’s hard to understand about that?

    • supersilverhazeroker You are the one who doesn’t understand. Every day you CHOOSE to live in your country that is run and controlled by it’s govt, that is every day you are CHOOSING to follow that govt. If you don’t like them, either fight them or leave the country. But you do neither of those things because you CHOOSE to submit to them instead. I got news for you dude, ALL of the world since the dawn of time works the same way, if you want freedom or success, you have to fight and work for it. If it’s not the govt in you way, it will be gangs. If it’s not any people, it will be wild animals. All of life has opponents. If you don’t like you govt, then fight them or leave. But you CHOOSE not to. If you pay income tax, you’re a hypocrite. Don’t pay taxes. If the IRS shows up at your door, simply shoot them for invading your property. Otherwise, you are agreeing to them. All of life is this way.

    • @M Krafts you don’t understand how the world works.. how cause and effect works.. the fight to bring about anarchy begins first of all in your own mind and then you bring the fight to other peoples minds..
      government is mind control, as long as peoples minds are in chains nothing will change.
      saying you either voluntarily choose to be ruled by government or you choose to commit suicide is the dumbest thing i ever heard, people that are unarmed and defenseless in general who go along with a robber to avoid getting killed surely voluntarily hand over their valuables to no? might makes right or something like that. tax avoidance is a moral duty though..

    • Social contract… Ha… Just show me the paper with my informed consent and signature on it.

    • “Social contracts” are non-existent with governments. Those communities, you had the right to choose whether to participate or not. There, there probably was an actual contract. And opposing the initiation of violence does NOT mean you can’t get behind voluntary hierarchies with some form of leadership.

  3. As above so below reflection pool on a lake with a mountain. That’s why there is a reflection pool in front of the Lincoln Memorial in the Pentagram City, and a pool in Dealey Plaza in front of the book depository. It’s also why W held “My Pet Goat” upside down in the classroom on 911 while casting a spell with the Teacher.

  4. that’s what all the fuel/gas taxes were suppose to do but somehow they are always broke wanting more

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    • Wow… That was so random and meaningless. My guess is that if I gave you a quiz on the subject matter of what Jeff was saying, you would get a zero.

    • What’s with the negativity dude? Every logical person knows that if government was removed from our lives, and companies took over everything, regular people would win. Competition is good and government has no competition. Do you I still get a zero dad?

  5. The FIU bridge was a feminazi virtue-signalling disaster;
    designed and built entirely by women to prove that
    women can do anything that men can do.
    _Yeah, right._

  6. The lemonade stand was shut down, because the children weren’t complying with the tax extortion demands.

  7. When in my 20’s and early 30’s I thought like that, but now decades later experience and observation of human idiocy tells me libertarianism is fantasy. Majority want to be controlled and they love paying taxes, seriously.

  8. While it costs 1 MILLION dollars to pave just one mile of highway, in 49 States. In New Jersey, (aka, “The Soprano State”), we have the dubious distinction of paying 10 MILLION dollars per mile! Yep! We are over Taxed, BANKRUPT and the State is using Lottery earnings to keep its Pension system afloat! Woo, hoo! Good times ahead! You gotta Luv those Politicians!

  9. Hahaha, I actually had the same experience, a police gave me a ticket for avoiding a giant pothole…

  10. Man, this one hits close to home. I’m in Absurdistan (formally California) where we have the highest taxes and worst roads on this tax ranch. That and we have whole squads of goons to shut down lemonade stands and garage sales but on every empty lot and corner in San Bernardino you can find a unlicensed unregulated taco stand every Friday and Saturday night. No I’m not mad at the taco stands, I have more respect for them than any other business in this insane asylum, what pisses me off is the double standards. Little white girl makes lemonade, call the goon squad. Whole family of people that don’t speaka da engrish have a taco stand, send the goon squad to provide them with security! God I hate the state.

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