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8 Comments on Dollar Vigilante Plays Sunday Million Poker Tourney AMA

  1. Jeff the other day you had a good talk while you were walking. Would you please do a show with Brian over at high impact flix? He and max did a show the other day and is was really good. Thanks in advance..

  2. I played the Sunday million 13th anniversary 10m gurenteed last week. Too bad I didn’t get itm. If you don’t mind I might critique some of your hands. I’ve been playing professionally online for 10 years.

  3. 32s isn’t the best hand to isolation raise with even in position, also your sizing was way too small. The main problem is your reverse implied odds when u hit ur flush in a multi way pot.

  4. Uhh I guess I’ll stop critiquing hands cos I’ll be here all day lol. 66 is a fold to the sb squeeze and 33 is a fold preflop esp with your loose image.

  5. Managed to buy GRAM tokens on just a very short while ago the final ICO round will come to the end!

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