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44 Comments on Despierta Mujers

    • Jesus Sanchez There’s nothing wrong with loving your own kind and wanting to keep your race alive. Someone who has a movement called “La Raza” should know all about that.

    • I’m a white guy and like brown sugar more then white sugar. I like all sugar other than high fructose corn syrup.

    • What exactly would the brother regret? He’s out on his 🍯 moon, LIVING and LOVING, and also doing what he does best while LOVING what he does at the same time… SPEAK TRUTH AND EXPOSE ALL THOSE EVIL THAT ARE IN POWER WHO KEEP SUCKING THE LIFE AND (MONEY) OUT OF WE THE PEOPLE!! 😡👊 just listen to what hes saying, pay close attention and you’ll see what he means, and you’ll thank the bro later too.

  1. How do you feel about the Mexican government having the Marines take over Acapulco and the law enforcement? They arrested like 700 – 100 police and surrounded the station. When I saw it on the news I thought of you but I guess you’ve been out of the country. Are things going back to normal or do you thinkit’s the start of a dangerous trend

  2. “muchos mejores cosas en el mundo”… Jajajaja y se supone que ella es hablante nativa de español .. ¿de dónde c*ño es esa gramática por dios? XDDD

    • I’m just giving him a hard time. But I think everyone should always wait until the cold light of day to submit a statement. His wife seemed embarrassed for him.

  3. Hello Jeff…. The spelling on “Mujers” is incorrect. If you meant to refer to just one woman in Spanish, then the title should read “Despierta Mujer”. If you meant to refer to more than one woman in Spanish, then the title should read “Despierta Mujeres”. You may wish to correct the spelling in the title.

  4. Whoahahahahahaha )))) Strong women! Huray ! And he thinks he is a man because of a women that all she has is beauty ….
    Wish you all the best and keep worshiping an idol , Thats NOT Smart you “real man “
    Even MGTOW get it , But still Thats far from being a man too …
    Creepy people Even Take anything from this “profesional “ channel .
    Just got a glimpse of how egotistic this “real man and real women are “ ))))
    Kill the bulb you are burning gas for nothing , buenas noche machito

  5. and this is yet another example of how alcohol needs to vanish from earth, and all alcoholics should be put down like sick dogs

  6. Still more credible than most politicians. Hard not to have a night like this when most people are clueless about the world and you gotta live in their insane asylum.

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