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Cryptocurrencies Hit All-Time Highs, Gold Spikes Higher As Investors Flee The Stock Market

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43 Comments on Cryptocurrencies Hit All-Time Highs, Gold Spikes Higher As Investors Flee The Stock Market

  1. JEFF, dont give in to any pressure taking about flat earth or what reality really is, finish the story please for us people that like to follow you and your dogs. peace t go gold and silver.

    • My question is how do you explain travel times and routes in the southern hemisphere which can only make sense on a sphere.

    • HEY DAVIN, can u show one single picture of the ball earth, nasa has the billions to do so , but we get cgi. nasa says infinite space why not infinite land?? also looking through a telescope the lights in the sky are round but you cant make out if their balls of rock or ice, also why are they protecting and guarding antarctica, because they dont want us going south through the ice to find out the truth. why do u think they are not taking any coal or oil or uranium from there. pretty damn hard to get under the flat earth i would say eh davin. also man has only drilled 8 miles into the earth thats the farthest, wake up. gravity is a magical bullshit unproven theory, have a nice day,

    • thats bullshit, also planes fly level and flat with their instruments, at 600mph the plane would have to dip its nose every few miles by about 3/4 of a mile. to get around the ball. but they never do always fly level. ask any pilot.if the plane never dipped it nose they would be in space after an hour. lol

    • +tony kamps there’s no bullshit there.. flight routes on the southern hemisphere don’t make any sense on a flat earth map.. it would be huge detours yet they make it in the time they should..
      we’re attracted to the earth same goes for planes.
      I’m with yah that nasa bullshits us and that they hide stuff from us and distort stuff etc. but i’ve only seen evidence (which you can test yourself) that disproves flat earth..
      as far as antarctica goes i don’t exclude the possibility that there’s a hole there, which could add to our fundamental understanding of the universe, planets etc. something similar to saturns south pole.. if you haven’t seen saturns north and south pole yet.

  2. Jeff, you say a fair amount of the money that came into crypto came from the stock market, but then you follow it up with we could see a serious drop in the cryptocurrencies, so move to metals and short USD and stocks. If the stocks are to fall 50%, ($19T on NYSE * .50 = 9.5T) cyrpto would need to capture 2% of that outflow to DOUBLE market cap from 161B to 322B. Why so bearish on crypto all of a sudden?

    • Odilo von Steinitz, I didn’t know the tulip bubble lasted only 3 years. Cryptos are here for almost 9 years, in a globalized and connected world where everything happens incredibly faster.

    • Luis Poletti, I don’t get it either. I believe cryptos will grow much more with a stock market crash than metals. What’s happening right now is just a demonstration of that.

    • Odilo von Steinitz They can’t be hacked goof. Quit playing into the idea that the Govt is powerful and can control everything, that’s why they have power to begin with

    • Nathan L : *Purely hypothetically:*
      Just take a computer like the D-wave. It will crack the encryption in seconds and then take over every computer on the specific blockchain network. Then a few more seconds and the whole system is being mirrored in real time.

      Total control is achieved and they can blow the system up anytime after having stolen every coin anytime they want to thereafter- and leaving NO trace! Meanwhile the control was dormant until activated. There could be dormant control right now already.

    • Snide 2 : Do we want to talk solely about the Government, my good man? Every encrypted computer network can be hacked. If you no not agree, then you need to study this a little more. The time the hack takes is the only relevant factor here.

  3. More ppl everyday on Wall St are demanding investments in Cryptocurrency…CNBC has almost everyday segments dedicated to Bitcoin and Crypto. We could see futures & options contracts approved for trading later this year from the CBOE

  4. OH NOOoooo ! I forgot the jubilee ! SHiMITHA was not this year after all… nor last year… but next year ! Damn me… it’s coming back.

  5. If a pretty woman can do it an a little child can do it I can do it too …ok ?’ just like that I can too ok?

  6. Hey Jeff. Have you explored companies like tenx and their utility token? In the postcrypto world, owners of such tokens could benefit from the bonus of these tokens. Do you have any opinion on this?

  7. Hi Jeff, thanks for your great videos. Could you please clarify the relationship between a crashing stock market and the crypto market? In my mind the stock market money, whatever is left over during/after a crash, will go to gold, silver and crypto as a safe alternative.

  8. I subscribed more than two weeks ago and still have NOT received the $50 promise. Can I please know why?

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