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Crypto To End Communism – Jeff Berwick at the Miami Bitcoin Conference

Jeff Berwick is interviewed by Samantha Jane at the North American Bitcoin Conference after party in Miami, Florida.

Original interview from Samantha Jane's Youtube channel:

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Topics include: fiat money is a communist system, crypto is sound money, be your own bank, Anarchapulco and Cryptopulco, voluntarism, crypto market still complex, how to buy bitcoin, the coming economic collapse, precious metals, the importance of attending conferences, Mexico not even dangerous.

43 Comments on Crypto To End Communism – Jeff Berwick at the Miami Bitcoin Conference

  1. End communism? Don’t Know about that… ain’t communitarianisim the next big thing coming especially for the Eurasian landmass??

  2. Mr. Jeff are one of the legendary in the cryptocurrency world. Specially bitcoin. I personally all in with his advice. The best man on earth

  3. Bought silver at $ 35 because all the YouTubers said it was at a low, down from $50. I didn’t want to tell mom that I lost over half of the$100k she gave me to invest so I was hearing about Bitcoin and how it was going to $100k. So I sold my silver at 14:10 and then bought Bitcoin at 15k and waited to regain my losses. Out of my mother’s 100k I have just enough money to buy a 9 mm and one bullet, a piece of paper and a pencil to write my sorry note to my mother.

    • jeez man, you are a terrible investor.. You shouldn’t take investment advice at face value from randos on the internet. You should have done a lot of research on crypto market cycles. as for silver/gold, you shouldn’t see that as an investment but more as a wealth preserver.

    • We all make mistakes mate, but none are worth taking your life for. I’ve made similar mistakes with money I worked hard for, but I’ve learned valuable lessons. Cheer up mate!

    • Calys Agora
      you still don’t get it …
      we will won’t have enough power to run those …co there will b black out (no electricity )for months and even the sun might b out for weeks due to fallout …

    • Calys Agora
      you better start storing food and water in a bunker …rather than storing all those files on computer …
      or you should start buying gold in case you need to buy something..

    • Babylon will fall. Prepare yourself brother. It’s time to restart the insanity that is civilization once more.

  4. Crypto is the establishment overlords’ choice for the cashless society they have planned. The blockchain is the beast system and is a nightmare designed to control every single move we make in real time.

    • +Michael John They were all steps towards the beast system. Do you have any idea how great an influence these things have had on the social engineering of society? The blockchain will be the crowning blow. We bandy the word slavery about, but we have no idea as of yet what that really means. But go ahead and buy cryptos – you may make some money but you’ll be helping to enslave future generations.

    • +Lisa Tated …and I also wonder why more don’t realize an AI like Sophia focusing so much on cryptos is a very bad thing!

  5. Jeff you’re Awesome I really hope you have a great day N night brother! Have some fun for me at Anarchapulco!!! Thanks Jeff!!!

  6. Thanks again to Jeff for sharing his idea with us!I saw Jeff speaking at the Conference and rushed out to catch him after, hoping to have him agree to an interview but he was not to be found. I was so glad I decided to go to the After Party where Jeff graciously took him time away from the festivities and friends to talk to me about crypto currencies.

  7. This is just the perfect time to invest in cryptocurrency reasons being btc is cheap now and the market dynamic favors trading greatly. Another popular notion is that we should wait for the bottom before buying but the truth is, you will never be able to invest at the very bottom of the fall because you are definitely going to miss it. Reason is that we will never know the bottom only until we are out of it but for now bitcoin will stagnate as right now and most likely drop some more until the 3rd or 4th quarter of the year so what i and any other smart investor should do is accumulate now and find a working system to use in expanding that portfolio over and over again until the bull run. I got 5 more btc last month and now, i have grown that to 11btc already and i intend adding another 3btc every other month and growing them so with this strategy, when bitcoin value eventually start skyrocketing, i would have had a very good stock in my portfolio. I would sincerely love to thanks everyone that posted about and recommended Ashton clegg signals and strategy because speaking with him gave me a clearer understanding of how to make money and propelled me into this system of his where i use his patterns and signals to increase my portfolio. He is one of the best analyst and strategist and i would also love to give me recommendation because his system works. You can reach him for any crypto-related assistance on (ashtoncclegg@gmailcom) or WhatsApp him *+1-518-351-9039*

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  8. Let’s not confuse the issue, the only political system we have globally in each country is called greed. It masquerades as many things all over the world. But it will never work for you and will always make you live in fear, so you have to look elsewhere. Don’t fall for the oldest trick in the book.

  9. Crypto is the next Cabal push… only fools think it can take the banking system down… the Cabal has foreseen that and now is offering to the fools the next bait…. And the check mate in the human race freedom…. once crypto get connected AI and social credit system…. not even gold or silver or any other form will take the power from the cabal….

  10. “The pyramid on the dollar shows a controlled communist system”… yeah. Because communism is what controls the whole world, not capitalism, “free” market and neoliberalism.
    I prefer to stay a newbie to this line of thought X3

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