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Crypto: The GOOD, The BAD and The UGLY. Jeff Berwick at Blockchain Summit London

Jeff Berwick delivers the goods at the London Blockchain Summit

Nicely produced video courtesy of the London Blockchain Summit:

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Topics include: who owns you, elite power and control, the issuance of money, money is energy, freedom from financial anonymity, the more we use crypto the more freedom we will have, the risk of government crypto enslavement, regulation and oppression, privacy coins, dis-empowering central banks, changing the world, complete cryptographic privacy.

37 Comments on Crypto: The GOOD, The BAD and The UGLY. Jeff Berwick at Blockchain Summit London

  1. Currency and guns empower governments.
    Cryptocurrency solves the problem of financing governments.
    Now, how can we solve the problem of arming governments?

  2. I LOVE listening to Jeff speak, but THIS SPEECH is His Best in a long time! And I think the reason for that is that he seems a bit down, perhaps in a depressed state of mind. Nonetheless, his love for humanity shines through!

  3. Great speech, great content, thank you Jeff ! Monero FTW
    The only way to win this, is to dry them out, no elections, no political party or politician will save us, just cut of the money supply and taxes will work!

  4. Another great speech by Jeff. Just do not understand Jeff’s support for a criminal coin EOS, which can freeze your holdings if they wish, change rules if they wish and not secure your identity. EOS is backed and controlled by voting bankster types with much influence over the future of EOS. Just not a pure crypto safe currency like Bitcoin. Why not Litecoin and bitcoin for Jeff?

    • You just do what No Limit Coin announced they are doing. Hard fork the chain and bring in your own 21 trusted block producers. Done.

    • MichihiroHondaH, perhaps Bix is correct, he has done extensive research on pedophile Brock Pierce, his buddies, Block One, Tether, criminal exchanges and more. What are your facts?

    • Steve C, block chain is about NO TRUST, no central control, payment and exchange system. No middle man or Bank. No trust is needed or desired in a true crypto coin, all the rest is just another form of bankster central control. Peace

    • SAILERMAN…. if trust is lost in a block producer you vote them out, and they can be voted out the very same day, sounds like your just a Bix fanboi and have an empty bag….LOL

    • SAILERMAN not too sure about Eos and haven’t done much research on it. I don’t really trust Bix’s judgement though. He speaks a huge amount of nonsense and seems to form his opinions based on comic books and fortune tellers.

  5. Every one needs a rainy day fund, Bitcoin, gold and silver fill that need. If fiat money and central banks are finally eliminated the world would be free.

  6. Thanks for another great talk, Jeff. I opt for a public ledger because it enables many things that you simply can’t do when you have privacy-by-default. There are a lot of applications for open trackability. I understand your concerns about governments, and I share them, I’d rather do without. But some of us do value social responsibility. And what better way to establish that than a public ledger? That’s why the open permissionless blockchain. We the people can have our privacy, and the causes we support can be held accountable.

  7. JEFF — You don’t even come **CLOSE** to the “ugly” part of crypto.
    You are correct about the “most destructive, criminal scam on humanity” — Central Banks.
    But one horrible problem is NOT resolved with something that is 100-times worse.

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