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Crypto Predictions and Picks with The Crypto Vigilante’s Rafael LaVerde

Crypto Predictions and Picks with The Crypto Vigilante's Rafael LaVerde

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Topics include: Jeff and Rafael go way back, early days of crypto, the state of the markets, libertarian ethics, Ross Ulbricht, Jeffrey Tucker, Mister X, The Crypto Vigilante recommendations, TCV reports, creating a world of freedom and prosperity, rapid development in crypto tech, everyone hates their bank, ending economic enslavement, many economic leaders still don't understand crypto, major reason for hope, Monero's value proposition and privacy, is the bear market over? the halvening and changing economy of mining, The Crypto Vigilante launch

23 Comments on Crypto Predictions and Picks with The Crypto Vigilante’s Rafael LaVerde

  1. “If the American people understood how the monetary system works there would be a revolution overnight.” – Henry Ford

  2. Peter Schiff is talking his book…he is probably buying tons of cryptos. Just like Jamie Demon.

    No one could be that stupid as Schiff pretends to be about cryptos…..he pretends that it is just an asset. In reality it is a sea-change. It is a new monetary system. Not just an asset.

  3. Why do dollar vigilante members have to pay to become a crypto vigilante subscriber? Does this also mean that now dollar vigilante subscribers will no longer receive crypto recommendations?

    • Making too much money is also a disease, it’s like being a drug addict but being addicted to money, not really healthy at all, that’s why you see most capitalists struggle with their self.

  4. Jeff looks like he packed on some muscle. I mean, you were built last year, but now it looks like you’re going full Arnold, brother.

  5. I want to get the Crypto Vigilante, but I’m not spending 300 bucks I barely have in one shot. If you offered quarterly like I’m doing with Dollar Vigilante I’d be right with you.

  6. I like this video … I go UPvote it also in steemit 🙂

    Not Stop and make more cool videos 🙂

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