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26 Comments on CONgressman Threatens Crypto Ban, Sends Crypto Skyrocketing

  1. How exactly are they going to ban it? These people are truly insane..straight outta Atlas Shrugged.

    • they cant stop anyone from producing bitcoin but they control the networks that bitcoin rides on – congress can order the banks to stop transacting accounts that deal with crypto – the miners can be forced to not produce in the USA – just look at china – they banned it – if the USA dos what china did – it would kill the crypto market – that’s why all the crypto pumpers are all agitated

    • They can shut down the US exchanges making it impossible to exchange US Dollars for crypto in the US. It will never happen. He is just another treasonous con man in the US government

  2. This dinosaur Sherman needs to retire. As a Canadian I feel bad for you Americans having this crooked man in power.

  3. He’s probably a bitcoin investor who is smart enough to know Americans will support anything congress does not want. Anything anti government is hot and federal fiat and leaders are a known falsehood.

  4. That Senator reminded me of Microsoft saying Linux was bull*hit back in the day. It just reinforces the reason to buy more Crypto

  5. It may have caused a small spike but Americans have vpn and can travel to buy btc up to $10000 anonymously not to mention the rich who have money hidden everywhere

  6. They will not shut it down Warren Buffet has dumped 300million into BTC. IT’S NOT GOING ANYWHERE IF, IF, IF MY GOODNESS! Do your research people!

  7. Nice gardin. I was there about 2 months ago. I would have liked to meet you Just to shake your hand. Love your work

  8. I interviewed you in 2017 anarchapulco. The channel is even bigger and stronger now. Congrats. I’m a premium subscriber for TDV and looking forward to your crypto newsletter. If I’d listened to Ed I would’ve taken massive profits in Dec 2017.i won’t make that mistake again. Keep up the great work!! ✊🏽

  9. I wonder if you will list COVA in the Crypto Vigilante, really good team, Harvard, Chinese, please look into it Jeff, some say 50-100x, not Shillin just letting you know, peace from China, gonna sign up to the Crypto Vigilante tomorrow!!!! YEAH!!!!!

  10. When Obama got into office, GUN SALES SURGED!!!!!! If they say don’t do something, human nature is to DO IT!!!! Look at the Garden of Eden!!!! 🙂 peace from China.

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