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26 Comments on Coinbase Exceeds 2017 Revenue Goal By 66%

  1. All that money and they can’t afford proper customer service lool not even a 1800 number to call incase you have account issues coinbase is a joke especially with there measly 4 coins to choose from compared to binance which has over 70 coins

  2. Keep up the good work Jeff. You’re my idol.. would love to tell you what we’re working on in Phoenix, you’d be proud

  3. Running an exchange is always more profitable and less risky than those risking their capital in the exchange themselves.

  4. Coinbase closed my account seconds before sending me an email saying my account was approved for higher trading limits. “After careful examination and consideratio…” Yeah, right. Didn’t respond to my email to question this. It’s been 20 days.

    • Claude M

      Just for starters… bitcoin is an electronic digital FIAT currency that lacks security protocols for protecting a wallet from cyber theft. And cryptos on the block chain are part of a long-term bankster strategy for creating a cashless society where everything ewe-folks buy and sell will be carefully monitored and regulated by authorities.

      Bitcoin will be replaced by something more workable and efficient.

    • Lol. Ok Ralph. Blame something else for people’s inability to secure their own stuff. And lookup the word ‘fiat’. And as if things aren’t already monitored…

      AND Bitcoin already has been replaced by more efficient things, in terms of everyday usage.

    • Sir Nowt

      I can’t teach a devout BELIEVER to stray from his FAITH in digital fiat crypto-currencies.

      Let us know when you start $PECULATING and INVESTING in crypto… instead of BELIEVING.

      My father was in banking. I damn well know what fiat means. All cryptos are a form of fiat currency… NOT a store of value. Don’t try and bullshit us.


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