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27 Comments on Central Bankers Are Destroying The Middle Class… How To Save Yourself and Profit From It

  1. Not thing to proud be best greatest when yr workers and citizens can’t afford food, rents, stuffs but ship from other countries by too much inflation, inflation, debts, debts, tax, fee, fine, jail, foreclosures, abandoned properties, factories, malls, homes, business, ghettoes, ghost towns n cities, homeless, debtbroke, debtbeat, uneducated, incompetent, unemployed, falling infrastructure, bridges, airports, tunnels, subways, factories, malls, homes, business, etc… lot worse than communist China n Vietnam n Russia and Cuba N Korea combined, Kackackackac.

  2. Or DigiByte! Massively decentralized, deflationary, super fast and scalable, and possibly the least expensive to use. Have a blessed day everyone

  3. the issuing power of currency belongs to the people. its very exciting times because this world is SOOOOOO gonna change. this is the calm before the storm

  4. The fiat speculators are better speculators than the crypto speculators because the fiat speculators not only speculate on digital instrunents but also in real factories and real service organizacions. Crypto people NEED to involve in REAL economy investments or dye of lack of credibility

  5. so when the “system fails / fall” where do you stash your assets? and what do you convert it too, and how do you keep it secure?

  6. If your going to make a video on a serious topic, why have such a distracting background. I found it hard to follow!

  7. Sir plzzzz tall me what if they turn the internet off were we go and buy crypto and sell i think we should on gold and silver back up as insorince just in case

    • There are satellites up already that enable you to still purchase bitcoin without the use of the internet.

    • If they turn internet off, most will die, you included, them as well l, so eitherway fo not worry

  8. Trump “chump” said don’t worry he will increase defense spending and give more money to Israel

  9. Jeff, how do you feel about Digibyte? It is currently the fastest and most scaleable blockchain, 40x faster than bitcoin and 10x faster than litecoin

  10. A 5% interest rate is a 5% theft rate , at year 20 the bank will have transferred the last dollar out of the street…. next is your home and assets.
    The only reason this theft has gone (for the most part) unnoticed is that they are always writing new loans and the guy down the street is who you hear about going bankrupt… its a game of hot potato.

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