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22 Comments on Burning Man And 3 More Examples of Anarchy Working In Real Life

  1. No and no and no, Anarchy is like communism for small amout of people who are responsible it might work for the massess nope and i am not even saying that mostly those communities are created only by white becouse we have some cultural background unlike africans .

  2. Christiania in Denmark is a bad example of anarchy.
    It is almost nothing but socialists living on welfare or people working for the government in some way.
    They might think they don’t like the government, but they definitely vote for socialism and more government.

  3. Wake up I usually like your content but this is one very disgusting, evil,satanic event that mocks the face of God!!!

  4. NO, Jeff, anarcapulco is not for anarchist. or your average slave being extorted who is smart enough to see the matrix for what it is, your conference is for people who already have money, CRAPATILIST. not anarchist. spoiled city boy is right, not everyone had mommy and daddy “forcing them into community college” like you.

  5. Burning man the wrong kind of anarchy. Anarchy is great as long as there is a moral compass otherwise you have the type of anarchy that is perverted ….just like burning man (on the most part)

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