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BUGOUT: Surviving & Prospering Through FINANCIAL COLLAPSE in Mendoza, Argentina

BUGOUT: Surviving & Prospering Through FINANCIAL COLLAPSE in Mendoza, Argentina

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Topics include: the beauty of Argentina, great opportunities, Mendoza wine country, collapse insurance, low prices, a self sufficient country, property and second residency for bitcoin, a residential lifestyle development, low cost of living, libertarian style discovery tours, great support team, asset protection in times of economic collapse

37 Comments on BUGOUT: Surviving & Prospering Through FINANCIAL COLLAPSE in Mendoza, Argentina

    • G Rules
      Right. They are talking the language of the likes of Doug Casey. Multi millionaires.

    • @Purge I know right, they think they are us little people, these guys are the same people that get the same loans off central bankers. The pretend they hate the old system yet they get rich off it.

      See how he boast the Rothschild are over there, they are the same people

    • Right. No guns there. But life is meek and soft. As an American, I like chores.
      I like to work on things. Kick the dirt.
      Spit in the fire. And keep my arms.

    • In Argentina you can buy a very high quality of firearms (Europeans), also in many countries in Latinoamérica you can get Guns as well legally. But guns is not my priority, I like guns but I prefer a better life stile

  1. Seems very serene, but what’s the local community like? Probably isn’t a way to generate income as an expat unless you have an internet based consulting business? I’m in WA ST and just want to GTFO of USSA…

  2. Does anyone know the song that he uses in his intro? I can’t remember the name of the song/beat. But I love it

  3. How is owning a firearm in south America, oh that’s right, you can’t. The most important freedom is non existent for most citizens. If you have pandemonium your at the mercy of mobs

  4. Comes on guys. You are blowing a lot of sunshine up our skirt! Argentina is not immune to financial collapse, war and famine!

    • Too many people in the trough both poor welfare recipients and politicians. The gravy train has biscuit wheels.

    • Yup both of them are scammers and liars. Guarantee you that you wouldn’t want to be a Gringo in these countries when the SHTF.

  5. I guess if you really want to escape the mayhem of the coming collapse, it should come as no surprise that the likes of Rothschild and Bono may very well end up being your friendly neighbors! He even seems to be name dropping them as part of the sales pitch. ‘So come on down and Bring the Kids, we’ll have a lovely Bonfire in honor of Moloch and the Magic of Debt Based Money.’

    Jeff seems to be Dancing with the Devil Himself, unfortunately it is very difficult if not impossible to rise up in this World or even just get by and survive without doing exactly that, so sad to say there really is no place to hide from that which rules this World. I just want to go Sailing until the end arrives.

    • I was thinking the same thing. As soon as he mentioned the Rothchilds and that hypocrite sellout Bozo oops I mean Bono I knew this video is not for me.
      Edit: sailing around is a great idea!

    • Yea once I heard that idiot tax dodging globalist bono was there it’s black listed for me never seen him invest 1 cent in Ireland not that he would know the difference where to put his money only the accountants and money managers have his ear arsehole

  6. have you all heard the joke? 2 cows are chatting with each other. one says: im telling you, they kill us and then they eat us!! and the second one says: You and your conspiracy theories..

  7. Latinoamericanos are very helpful and humble people, and is very free environment and I’m from Venezuela when everyone tries to demonize us.

  8. Thank you for sharing this. Please make many more videos showing that Americans can safely live in other countries in the world. It’s extremely helpful.

  9. Ohhh I’ve heard of mike in Nicaragua from gran Pacifica. I know a family run out of the country by them.

    Gran Pacifica is really nice though, just a hike to the surf spot

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