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Bo Polny Predicts Worst Stock Market Crash in History By End Of The Jubilee Year on October 2

Jeff interviews Bo Polny of Gold2020 Forecast topics include: the Shemitah market cycles, the timing of Brexit, 9/11 and the assassination of John F Kennedy in the market, a whole lot of other important events fall on Shemitah cycle dates, the US to hit its debt ceiling, activities of the Pope take place on Shemitah & Jubilee dates, Israel, Syria and Turkey, new nuclear ambitions in the U.K. Bo’s predictions regarding the DOW, time to get out of the markets and into gold and silver, the gold cycle shows upcoming all time highs, the TDV portfolio is up 200% this year so far!

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80 Comments on Bo Polny Predicts Worst Stock Market Crash in History By End Of The Jubilee Year on October 2

    • i dunno about controlled, but yea, I dont buy his 360 cycle, and I
      personally like armstrongs cycle more than the schmeitah

    • Because of Jeff. Many of us have been saved. Livelihood and life itself has
      been protected by Jeff. Simply with a predictive market analysis and the
      facts of our KHAZARIAN faux masters which will be destroyed. I Thank Jeff
      for giving us a chance to prepare. I can finally say me and many others
      have fully prepared and are ready to protect our life, belongings and
      investments, and also a gave us a chance to prosper throughout it all.

    • The sin of the world is telling the Father the words of his son, immanuel,
      God with us,. in the book of John, chapter 14, are bunk. The Messiah will
      Pray to the Father for us to have the Spirit of God for a Teacher, and
      Comforter, Forever. This is the baptism of fire.

    • Jeremiah 16:19… All the Gentiles of the earth shall come to Me, and say,
      our forfathers have inherited lies, vanity, things wherein there is no
      profit. John, chapter 14 is not one of those lies.

    • you insist on taking everything out of context you insist as Pagan and cold
      that you are I’m referring to God God God Satan is a God there are many
      gods the father of Jesus Christ was the word John 1:1 in the beginning was
      the word and the Word was made flesh not make it to the father but by the
      sun the sun is the word the father is the word as the word of God unravels
      and prophecy is fulfilled all these organized religions including Islam
      which is the daughter of the Catholic Church what does Methodist doctors of
      the Catholic Church Judaism is did anybody practices Judaism is stupid
      Judaism died way before Jesus Christ if we can traditions of the others
      this is why Jesus talk to him the way they did they are liars they are
      fathers of it John 8:44 it was all about the word is God the word was with
      God and the Word was made flesh the world is the father the Sun manifested
      the word prophecy come true Christian’s Western European Americans are to
      call on the name of Jesus just Jesus nothing else not jehovah..not
      yhvh…not elohim

    • lol I remember 2015 he said Gold was going to $2000 according to Gann
      Cycles…. Now the debt jubilee, oh sure the jews are going to cancel all
      debts, yeah this pricks a jew for sure.

    • Haven’t you ever watched a Ventriloquist ?
      What if TheDollarVigilanty is a Ventriloquist and BlowPony is the dummy?
      I’m not saying anything negative.
      I believe something is going on here but> who gets the Credit?
      Does the Vigilanty get credit or the Pony?
      I want to know if the Damn thing is going to go Up or Down
      So who is the Dummy?
      It’s me

  1. Bo predicted a market crash last fall and said we would have triple digit
    silver by end of 2015! WRONG! Then predicted a market crash this spring and
    also in June. Also said gold and silver would SOAR. None of it has
    happened. Sorry, I don’t call a move from $16/oz silver to $20/oz, soaring!
    And the market is now at all time highs! This guy has been wrong, wrong,
    wrong!! I’m sick of his bogus predictions and his smugness.

    • Yeah, the problem is, is that lots of others are predicting the same thing.
      Even scholars of the Bible are saying it too….

    • Spot on. Bo Looney makes all the predictions and never gets them right yet
      squawks about his exact date and time predictions. He’s just a waste of
      time to listen to. Not sure why these sites have him on cause he really
      isn’t credible.

    • well Frank if he’s such a waste of time to listen to, why did you listen?
      seems to me that you “wasted your time” so that you could complain I
      suppose next you’ll say you’re going to vote for hitlerary, or killary or
      whatever you want to call that person who runs the clinton crime family

    • I’m starting to feel the same way about this whole thing. I didn’t like how
      Jeff continued to persist last year that “Europe fell” (schengen) on the
      1st day of the shemitah instead of simply saying “nothing happened, not
      even gradually. let’s see where we went wrong”.

      I still like him for his personality and because there aren’t that many
      anarchist role models out there for 21 year olds. However, if nothing
      happens this time and he keeps saying that he was right, I may have to
      start questioning just how critical my critical thinking skills really are.

      Until then, I will keep buying supplies and silver. Best of luck to all of
      you guys.

    • My guide to numerology says you have to wait bit only for JFK’s body to be
      moved to it’s final resting place, but to take the Schemitah date from when
      it starts decomposing a little bit. Then gold prices will go up.

  2. It sure would be nice to be sitting on your balcony right about now.

  3. You want the date I give you dates, Sept 1st crash, Oct 2nd crash, Dec /
    Jan total meltdown. No brainer.

    • There are truely too many triggers pulled right back. Any one that clicks
      will send all the others off too. Thers is no more safety on. No where to
      duck and no where for the cabal to hide. They think they will get away,
      they think they are prepared. Problem that is what they think.

    • Another thing the German will be closing 200 of their branches in Germany.
      This has affected banks in Australia cutting 3,000 jobs too. You see it all
      coming to a close.

    • According to my maths, it gonna be around the 21st to the 28 of this month.
      Let me tell you i got a D for maths.

  4. Even gold And silver will not protect you, but your faith in the only one
    who can And will protect and provide, God promised he will provide for us
    the same as the 40 years in the desert when God take out his people from
    the Egypt slavery. Ezekiel 7:19
    “‘They will throw their silver into the streets, and their gold will be
    treated as a thing unclean. Their silver and gold will not be able to
    deliver them in the day of the LORD’s wrath. It will not satisfy their
    hunger or fill their stomachs, for it has caused them to stumble into sin.

    • you’re a delusional fool, you won’t get anywhere by using this as an excuse
      for doing nothing and just waiting for someone to save your dumbass.

    • +Jack Stowe on I’ve got my silver but the day thing is not understandable.
      how did they pull those dates out of their butt? just need more storable

    • There are 2 jubilees.

      God’s Jubilee, and satan’s jubilee.

      If you go to
      you will see its 2 October

      if you look at the

      you will see its 2 September.

  5. 4:22 why do people still use google, use they don’t track
    you or sell your info on.

  6. I did a Google search on 911 and exactly 1, 652,367 years earlier Fred
    Flintstone died , this was verified through Barney Rubble ! I divide that
    by pie multiplied by 7 and subtracted 4.5 cycles and that is the day John
    Wayne died ! Wow, Google would not lie !

    • Another Khazarian asshat in tell aviv poking his colon then licking his
      fingers during keyboard ninja ventures. Don’t worry Jeff, all the naysayers
      and Troll IP addresses are always traced back to Israel, and if he wasn’t
      Israeli, then his is simply blatantly ignorant as the truth is, all TDV
      subscribers have profited largely. All predictions have been spot on. ✌?️?

    • You are taking life far to serious young man ! My suggestion is for you to
      start taking your Lithium as prescribed !

    • You failed to see the high had a medium low but the low was higher than the
      7 year medium. I can’t believe you do not see this.

  7. I can’t wait untill October 2nd when I can sit down and turn the other
    cheek and take a long steaming Shamitta.

    • May I present this Truth. The Son of God Immanuel, God with us will Pray to
      the Father for us to have the Spirit of God for a Teacher, and Comforter,
      Forever, in the book of John, chapter fourteen. The Spirit of Truth, will
      Live within us… The Baptism of Fire… Shalom

    • May I present this Truth. The Son of God Immanuel, God with us will Pray to
      the Father for us to have the Spirit of God for a Teacher, and Comforter,
      Forever, in the book of John, chapter fourteen. The Spirit of Truth, will
      Live within us… The Baptism of Fire… Shalom

    • The bible book of John, chapter 14 shows us how to have the Spirit of God
      for a Teacher, and Comforter, Forever. No Man can Teach as the Spirit does

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