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30 Comments on Bitcoin Skyrockets, Stocks Crash as Ebay, Starbucks, Whole Foods and More Move Into Crypto

  1. In the time it took me to get a SEPA transfer through I lost over 30% in profit. Legacy banking breaks my heart every time I use it.

  2. Nordstrom doesn’t have expensive jewelry. They’re a clothing/cosmetics/shoe retailer.

    My Whole Foods cut back their hours. They aren’t doing very well. They keep hiring blue haired freaks.

    Ebay still uses PayPal. They are seeking an alternative though. Some Ebay sellers don’t take PayPal.

  3. Loving your new walk about vids. It must be hard not to get to distracted with things going on around you. Don’t loose your dogs. 🦝🦔😂🤘keep rockin it. 😎

  4. I believe crypto currency is the new cashless society that is being ushered in by NWO, that they talk about and we hear about

    • +Sofa King Flat It’s not safe is it? Why would anyone buy some sort of digital currency out of thin air when the (((higher ups))) can do it also? What about if there is a war, a power outage, and or as well an EMP? How does BTC become useful?? The very same people who advocate digital currency is just like the rest of them (((higher ups))).

    • Sofa King Flat
      If Bitcoin is not the new world currency being ushered in by the New World order, then explain to me why Jeff Berwick will not attend the Bitcoin consensus conference every year? I think you know the answer.

    • +simon crewe ignorance means uninformed, unresearched or uneducated, not stupid. He wasn’t calling anyone stupid, just look into decentralized cryptos before you call them the beast system. Have a blessed day!

  5. Corporations are technically a product of the state, incorporation or corporate personhood is derived from admiralty law, the law of the sea and essentially makes politicians and company shareholders immune from personal responsibility/public accountability

  6. Bitcoin’s recent rise is being fueled by money moving out of China in the face of China devaluing the Yuan in response to their slowing economy and failing trade negotiations with the U.S.

  7. Is crypto vigilante still available? I’m not willing to sign up to TDV if it isn’t 😜

  8. Dogs, Crypto, Anarchy, Fasting, nice Scenery and a great old school video – Another Great video indeed!!!

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