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27 Comments on Bitcoin Skyrockets as Fraudbook Launches New One World Currency and BoA Calls for Cashless Society

  1. HA. Yes. the more they try to stop it, the stronger it becomes.
    Cant even comment on FB…For the sheeple.
    War on Drugs…result , more drugs.
    War on terror…result, more terror.
    War on crypto? BTC spikes.
    Now the FATF and its IMF extortion rules…War on privacy…Privacy coins rise, and surely DEX use will also.
    Regarding this, look at the pEOS project. Privacy running on EOS.

  2. So is this just blip in the bitcoin… before the big move… it has moved so fast… cheers and love… too all…!

  3. YES AWESOME take away power from wealth centralizing/monopolizing/control freak criminals!! PERFECT!!!!!!!!!

  4. Hi Jeff, I like these causal videos even more than the official interviews. I think they are healthy for you and Lucy (a walk is always healthy) and you can speak you mind which is healthy too. It’s a win-win 🙂

  5. 10 years ago, we already had Libra! But back then we called it video-game gold.
    Oh yeah, and those “rare” and “unique” magic items with special digital gemstones, which you could trade and sell on eBay.
    Same thing. Libra is NOT a crypto.

  6. Another Bilderberg 2019 directive comes out of the shadows along with the banning of dissenting voices on social media.

  7. You know that was coming, I thought it would be the Fed coin, after the fall, or fail.
    You know fuckerburg will be buying up BTC, and hoarding the BTC, trying to catch up with the twins.

  8. In the case that the bank elites and their corrupt governments shut the internet down or a big war or any kind of international crisis ( which will come sooner or later ) what you do with that crypto currency? Is it backed up by anything real?
    No !
    Just like the fake Fiat paper money.

  9. Try speeding this video up x2 & Jeff really does look ,sound&walk like the King of the Crypto Chipmunk Squirrels..x

  10. Jeff what’s your opinion on IOTA? what happens if they truly solve the BTC dilemma problem (scalability + fee)?

  11. the jooo coin will be for snowflakes who have a Fraudbook account wont see my fiat money going there

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