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34 Comments on Bitcoin Pulls Back After Massive Price Increase

    • China’s bank just put out a warning in investing in Bitcoin. The bastards.
      They should shut their fat mouths. Of COURSE they hate bitcoin!!

    • TM3000 buy the bad media
      And sell the good media 😉

      I’m speaking as a trader.
      I the first trader on ytube for poloniex.
      And I been gaining.

      So this is just bad media. And a strong buy signal.

      Good media, like new highs is what you should sell ???

  1. Its not to hard to understand and coindesk seemed to me the easiest way
    into it but ill check out gdax ? Did he say no one could pull there gains

    • *>BitScam = Cashless Society*
      A cashless society is a society that relies on electronically traded bank
      debt that can be printed at will by the elite and can be shut off for
      anyone who causes trouble. Bitcoin doesn’t work that way. It’s digital cash
      and it’s an asset that isn’t based on debt. It also takes a lot of
      expensive equipment and electricity to mine a bitcoin so there is a
      sacrifice of wealth needed to create a bitcoin. In the case of banksters,
      they can create as much bank debt as they want without effort and suckers
      will work for it and keep their wealth in that form. Intelligent people
      work for it but they exchange their trash cash for bitcoin and good old
      fashioned clinking metallic silver, as I do.
      When times get tough, people like you will sell their guns to buy food, and
      you will happily accept bitcoin too. Mark my words.

  2. I heard someone say that in the end there will only be two winners in the
    bitcoin world, video card manufacturers and power companies..
    I giggled because there is a possibility he could be correct..

    • Which government has declared bitcoin a mandatory legal tender? Definition
      of fiat currency: Fiat Currency is a currency that a government has
      declared to be legal tender, but is not backed by a physical commodity.
      Don’t hate on bitcoin just because you missed out on thousands of percent
      gains. Own btc and gold 😉

  3. Chineese quick buck artist are the cause of this mess. Does not matter
    bitcoins future is amazing. Nothing has changed.

  4. Now that Bitcoin INVESTORS and SPECULATORS have taken profits, and China is
    restricting (regulating) Bitcoin via Internet controls, this is a perfect
    time for devout Bitcoin BELIEVERS to BUY! BUY! BUY Bitcoin currency!

    We also recommend buying tulips, salt… and bridges.

  5. I like the way you don’t mention any of the drawbacks of Bitcoin Jeff. Such
    as – it’s wholly reliant on a benevolent network of Admin/users; the
    assumed limited computational power of devices for its security – and as I
    said before – electrical power. If you wan’t to Lemming train investors
    into it – that’s your prerogative; but I sense you’re not in this to save
    people from economic heartache – you’re in it for your own fanatical gains.

    • If the Government really wants to usurp Bitcoin – they should unleash the
      computational power of the supercomputers they have at their disposal.
      Divert the machines used for climate change research – turn them against
      Bitcoin. Or better still – push the Internet kill switch and turn the
      Network off. At least – with a bank you have a building you can fire bomb –
      but with Bitcoin – there’s nothing to vent your anger at.

    • What if Global Government turns off the Internet – like the UN decides that
      only the World Bank should have a currency. What can Bitcoin users do – but
      absolutely nothing. Their transactions are anonymous – and similarly – they
      can cry to no one – when they lose it all. No Bitcoin bank to fire bomb.

    • David Stark: Bitcoin is using more computational power then the all the
      computers in the world combined. The government would have to spend
      billions if not trillions to even attempt an attack on Bitcoin. They would
      have to use the mining rigs that are very specific for Bitcoin. If a
      government happens to do the impossible and do this then because Bitcoin is
      open source we can change a few lines of code and fork it making all their
      hardware worthless.

    • David Stark: First not one entity controls the entire internet. Also all
      other currencies would be into the same boat as Bitcoin because of their
      reliant on the internet.
      If the internet did go down then things would be bad and hope you would
      have food storage, you can buy food with bitcoins.
      However, if the internet did go down it would probably be back up again
      soon and because of the way Bitcoin is designed it would be back up
      resuming where it had left off nearly instantly where all other currencies
      would take a long while to recover.
      But I guess you believe people are stupid for buying homes because of fire
      since that is a billion times more likely to happen then the whole internet
      going down.

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