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Bitcoin Price Don’t Care About Satoshi – Jeff Berwick on LODE Project

Bitcoin Price Don't Care About Satoshi – Jeff Berwick on LODE Project

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Topics include: the Bitcoin market, block sizes, the crypto market, digital gold, transaction fees, big money coming in, wider acceptance, who is Satoshi, bitcoin price predictions, still a big place for gold and silver, silver very undervalued, the upcoming Red Pill Expo

31 Comments on Bitcoin Price Don’t Care About Satoshi – Jeff Berwick on LODE Project

  1. Jeff, I never hear you mention Litecoin when suggesting what might become a major means of exchange. Wondering why you don’t seem to like LTC. How about Digibyte (DGB?) What do you think about it’s rise in every day use? I think LTC and DGB are fantastic for that. I also have and believe in BCH and BSV.

    • I really like Jeff, but I believe he’s friends with Roger Ver. LTC is better than BCH in every way, except it doesn’t have Bitcoin in it’s name

    • +Sammyzuko Thank you for commenting! I’m wondering why Roger Ver is so hated by the community? I’ve only listened to a couple of his interviews, but I liked his ‘purist’ attitude toward cryptos. I haven’t heard him say anything so objectionable to be so hated. Might be that so many crypto people not really understanding the difference between the the enslavement of the derivative (old fiat) system and the freedom of block chain. Roger stands for cryptos breaking the dependence on the old system. BTC is actually run by people in the old system!

    • Is there really a need for a “faster” Bitcoin right now when mainstream payment adoption hasn’t even occurred yet? Even when/if it does, you don’t think Bitcoin can step up to the plate?

  2. Fees are what gives incentive to grow a network. Liberals that want decentralized and cheap at the same time don’t understand human greed.

  3. I like LTC over the rest tho I like privacy coin’s one of LTCs forks will be color coin which will be a lot like dash. But with the lightning network

  4. Bankers and ultra rich people are running the world today. That is all to know when western politicians explain their democracy model to the rest of the world.

  5. It’s funny clicking on your link from YouTube I couldn’t get it to work. But typing that URL in worked fine.

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