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Bitcoin Hits All-Time High and Smashes Through $5,000 As The Rothschilds Get Out Of The Stock Market

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28 Comments on Bitcoin Hits All-Time High and Smashes Through $5,000 As The Rothschilds Get Out Of The Stock Market

  1. The Debt ceiling is all you need to know that our representative government is a complete fraud, nothing but a bunch of Kabuki Theater.

    Most meaningless thing on the planet. LMAO Debt CEILING.

    • debt stratosphere……. fucking ceiling in the building fell apart years ago they’ve moved it so many times.

    • What an idiot with the introduction of lighting network in Bitcoin its gonna enable the 3rd party chains which can be centralized chains which mean bitcoin will be no longer decentralized. So my point here that Bitcoin is no longer following Satoshi Nakamoto white paper but Bitcoin Cash is. Bitcoin core developers have sold themselves to the big cooperation who doesn’t want a decentralized system wake up Bitcoin Cash is a real deal. These crypto things are too much complex if you are not updating yourself you are gonna get your head chopped off like people did in 2008.

    • Well I don’t wanna waste my time on explaining to you how it’s gonna be centralized instead I can refer a video to you

    • Jake Wilson
      well I be damned, sorry I doubted you mate. do you know where I can get more information about segwit and in information I mean real relevant information?


  2. If you look into it, you will find there is a manufactured stock and/or banking crisis every 10 years – 1968, 1978, 1988, 1998, 2008. I think there is a big dollar crash coming in 2018.

  3. Any cryto exchange that is easy to buy/sell without verification ? Poloniex , bitfinex , kraken ,coinbase what a pain to verify . Pending pending pending

  4. Saving as much as can to buy B I T C O I N Jeff, you’re awesome. Thanks! Say hello to the doggies! LUCY SITzzz

  5. Decentralised currencies that can’t be manipulated by people in board rooms are the future… Do you trust governments or central banks ?

  6. Has anyone ever noticed that Jeff emulates the same fear mongering that he so fervently denounces, just in a different way

  7. It didn´t even hit 5000 and he even posted the video after the correction. Smashes through means it should at least be 5200.

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