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Bitcoin Cash Skyrockets… Is There Something To It?

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50 Comments on Bitcoin Cash Skyrockets… Is There Something To It?

  1. Phuck! Phuck! Hooray! Tens of millions of bankrupt Americans are desperate to buy ONE bitcoin. Isn’t this wonder-fool?

    • Crypto Alert

      How will tens of millions of faster poo-food Americans earning piss-water wages save up enough fiat dollars to buy ONE bitcoin?

    • You have a problem (but not with Bitcoin). Your problem is the situation we’re fighting. Don’t blame the solution for the problem. This technology has to become mainstream in order to help the world. The first thing you can do is help to make it mass adopted.

      The place we can all begin, is to refuse compensation in Fiat, and demand retailers accept our new crypto currency solution(s). This is simplified obviously, it will be difficult.

      Shaking our heads and waving our hands in the air proclaiming that it is all hopeless will do nothing and is not a solution at all.

    • Ralph A. Wolf we buy them with chase credit cards, bank loans, refinance & cash out mortgages, you see here in America the banks hand out money 💰, it’s very easy to borrow money here and buy Bitcoins , hahaha does this answer your question?

  2. This guy’s objectivity is very questionable due to the money he gets from roger ver. Big money is supporting Bcash and the mining is as centralized as it’s software development. The banksters see segwit enabled bitcoin as a major threat to their power, that’s why it’s been attacked constantly over the last few years. As long as they were able to prevent segwit adoption they were happy but once the bip 148 army forced segwit onto bitcoin, they started attacking in other ways. Repeated forks and shills to enthusiastically push bcash as the new bitcoin both in video and in the comments. The community isn’t buying it though. We’ll have segwit and in time we’ll have the lightning network. And segwit 2x (which is yet another attack designed to fire the core developers) won’t be adopted. The attacks will continue as long as the banksters can create money to throw at this. This whole conflict boils down to the forces of freedom vs the forces of tyranny. The forces of tyranny have gained control of some prominent bitcoiners and are pressuring them defuse the threat bitcoin presents to them. In order to do this they need to fire the core developers, gain control of the software and then sabotage it. The community is both smart and very stubborn though. It won’t be easy to get them to stay passive while they continue to attack. In my case I’ll continue to run my core node that will reject any segwit 2x block once fork day occurs. And I’ll continue to buy bitcoin each month as I have been since 2014.

    • *+Declan Garrity*
      *>**** he paid by roger ver?*
      The only visible sign is bitcon dot com’s platinum sponsorship of anarchapulco which is many thousands of dollars. Where there’s smoke there’s fire so that’s probably not all the money Roger Ver is giving him. Money talks and money changes opinions. This is corruption and destroys the DV’s objectivity. He can no longer be trusted to the degree he once was.

    • *+Crypto Noob*
      *>let’s see what segwit and lightning does that is better than bigger blocks*
      The big block system centralizes control of bitcoin under large financial interests. It will be nearly impossible for free men to run bitcoin cash nodes due to the size of the blockchain and bandwidth requirements. I have a pretty good internet package but just running the bip 148 node for a couple months took every bit of bandwidth I had and I started getting warnings from Comcast that I was running over. It will soon be impossible for regular guys to run a bcash node. That will centralize control over the full nodes under the control of the miners and those with enough wealth to run them. So Bcash is centralized in mining, control of the software, the media (with bitcoin dot com) and soon the full nodes as well. With control of the full nodes the community will have no veto power. All this makes bcash just as centralized as the conventional financial system.

    • I am a subscriber to his newsletter and personally can say that a lot of his calls are bad. I’m not one of those that blindly agree and go into anything he says, i do my own research and decide whether he’s right and if it’s worth going into a coin he recommends. Up till now i actually didn’t invest in anything he said. I actually stopped reading his newsletter already because it didn’t help my in any way for 2 months. Recently when he released the BTC/BCH conspiracy i also did not read it, until someone said that it was a bombshell on the facebook group. So i went to check it, and that conspiracy is rather smart. The story connects with everything and even if it’s not true, there is a small but a possibility that it might be. So after dumping my BCH at the first day i bought back the BCH i sold at 290$. Few days later the coin is 890$, whether it’s the conspiracy going true or just a temporary thing due to mining difficulty… who knows? But for the first time in 2 months i have to thank the up to now, useless newsletter. Because it so far let me triple my BCH in value in a few days and if the conspiracy is real and goes through, then i might have saved myself from losing insane money.

    • I don’t understand people that sold BCH after the fork. Diversification is investing 101. And here you got a Segwit hedge for free. Never fall in love with your investments.

  3. Jeff, I congratulate you for your honesty to mention censorship of critics of segwit. It’s amazing how in a short time segwit managed to split Bitcoin once and possibly more soon. If everyone leaves their emotions behind and follow they money, they might see who fiananced segwit, Litecoin was the bait! Check Henri de Castries……

  4. I do not care who is left standing I have both but my understanding is that BCH or BCC or whatever they name it today is owned by big corporate players and BTC is the original group wanting to keep it free for the people..but what do I know

  5. hey jeff whats up with EOS you said we could see it go up to $6 very soon but its still at $1.50 i invested in this coin hearing your advice. cyrpto scene is so stressful lol

    • Jeff just seems to pullnumbers out of a hat; if you watch him enough you can realize that he doesn’t have any special insider knowledge; he lost $200 million dollars for investors in Canada, and he can do the same for you!! Just like this BCH skyrocket… if I was listening to his newsletter, I would have missed out, but I bought a whole bunch 2 days ago before it started climbing. EOS, if you read the Faq, and the whitepaper, guarantees NOTHING. EOS doesn’t even offer a token to coin conversion, like most of the other ERC20 ICOs are doing… EOS is scary stuff. The best way to invest is to read everything and watch everything you can, and then figure out where the herd is going to move.

  6. Everything in the crypto world goes so fast I don’t have the time to think. Everyone it seems was dissing on Bitcoin cash and now look at it.

    Now I don’t know if I should hold on to Bitcoin or go to Bitcoin cash. I just want to be sure Bitcoin cash won’t be a shitcoin.

  7. When it’s all said and done we all have to take this ride and see where it lands us. As of now I’m good in the crypto world no matter what happens. I am very objective and have thought of every possibility. CAN WE REALLY HAVE A DECENTRALIZED CURRENCY? Much love Jeff. I believe in the movement as long as it makes CENTS.

  8. Only 1 problem that is really underestimated. BCH cant do real development because of lack of programmers and knowledge. Dont think you can just put up some advertisement to bring some new in. Core has the best minds in the world with years of experience looking at and writing the existing code. Status quo is what you get with BCH and that is what it will always be.

  9. You also told your subscribers to buy Steem at $1 months ago and today it’s $1.03 All that money missed out on huge gains in other cryptos. Bad call.

  10. Buy Bitcoin cash and sell fucking Bitcoin it’s gonna be useless because of segwit. You sheep’s don’t know whats happening behind the closed-door in a glimpse all i can say the core developers of Bitcoin have sold themselves to central banks that’s the reasons you need to get hell out of bitcoin and get into Bitcoin cash.

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