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Bitcoin, Bullion and Brexit: Jeff Berwick on the CryptoShow

The glaring differences between the Mexican and Canadian healthcare systems, a severe reaction to the flu shot, the implications of the Brexit vote, a 250 billion pound bailout for UK banks, George Soros and his telling investments, David Cameron and elite manipulations, multiple succession movements in the E.U., system wide economic collapse, Brexit a handy excuse to point the blame for economic collapse, SDR rollout, global currency, new free market system based on Bitcoin, avoiding the upcoming tyranny, the Bilderberg meeting and the nervous elite losing control, gold silver and Bitcoin do well as predicted, sticking with Bitcoin, the upcoming halving event, Shemitah cycles prove eerily correct, this year is the jubilee year, real possibility of war around Syria. Anarcapulco 2017!

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47 Comments on Bitcoin, Bullion and Brexit: Jeff Berwick on the CryptoShow

  1. For the people who still don’t understand bitcoin, please do your research.
    You will never have an opportunity like this ever. Keep accumulating gold,
    silver and bitcoin and you and your family will be sitting pretty for life
    (financially speaking).

    • +Omar Touzani digital currency’s? Kind of like fiat currency’s not worth
      anymore than what’s agreed upon. Worse because it’s digital dots and
      dashes. EMP will wipe it out.

    • +Omar Touzani
      You are delusional if you think you are getting inside some underground
      nuclear bunker.

      Listen, nothing like that is going to happen. Bitcoin is the future and
      will make a lot more people rich than gold, because gold is already filled
      with money while Bitcoin is still an emtpy store.

  2. Get free from Central Powers/Control by using peer-to-peer
    cryptographically secure decentralized systems like Bitcoin, and make
    yourself some money at the same time, since bitcoin will continue to
    increase in value for decades to come, since it is limited supply and is
    used ever more for numerous applications, money/currency is just its first

  3. So why is it that the debt system can’t go on for a very long time? I mean
    if it can go to 18 trillion why can’t it go to 118 trillion?

    • +TheCypresstree1 if there is no one to lend to they can’t borrow more and
      if interest rates go higher you pay more for your debt so the fed can’t
      raise rates no matter what they say…if they just print more money they
      will cause hyper inflation in the dollar and lost of trust…but they
      probably will do it any way to kill deflation because they can’t and will
      not let deflation win…for the military part I have to agree a bankrupt
      giant like America is still a strong giant

    • it might. but how ridiculous do numbers have to get before the lender
      decides that they wont be paid back

    • +SG .Hedge it is… best you can do is extracate yourself… gold and
      silver are pretty good places to do that imo

  4. We need to know which army or goverment is fighting for the Rottonhchilds
    and elits. The world will be against them. No brainer.

    • Wake up stupid. ISis was form by the CIA. CIA = Rothchilds proxy goverment
      This is how they confused the people so the people don’t know who the enemy
      is and they start killing each other instead of the true enemy.

  5. Good to hear this entire economic system is turning around the jewish
    shemitah and Jewish jubilee. Now, you know who is fucking you up, goy.

  6. Here in Taiwan people are buying mass quantities of gold and silver coins.
    Here even the banks sell gold coins and promote it:) The Tawianese are not
    stupid thats for sure.

    • My friends and I are slowly collecting gold/silver coins in Australia.
      Still trying to educate them (and myself) on bitcoins. I’ve done some
      mining in the past, the fact you can still create a currency that will
      probably increase in value, is quite unique I would say.

      Interesting to know jmcarp98, cheers

  7. jeff, you really need to start reading about narcissism

    the reason why it’s called a disorder, is because those people think
    they’re geniuses, while they’re in fact utterly incompetent, they can never
    win without cheating …

    don’t assume that their plans work, they never work, unless it involves
    cheating … they just keep changing their strategies to make themselves
    believe it was always the plan, but it never is

    and what’s at the core of the disorder is extreme cowardice; there’s
    nothing easier than defeating narcissist …

    I seriously doubt brexit was a fix; they lost … because they’re losers,
    not because it was planned

    the only problem is that most americans are narcissists themselves, which
    is why they allowed the FED to be created, causing 100 years of wars and it
    still exists …

  8. Cameron calling the referendum a year early makes complete sense. The
    migrant tsunami was only going to get worse, making it much more likely for
    a Leave vote. On top of this, plans for an EU army, Turkey joining and
    acceleration towards a superstate would have all helped the Leave cause.
    Remain’s best chance was going as early as possible.

  9. Jeff love your work but you’re a fraud at the same time. You did not
    discover the Shemita cycle.Jonathan Cahn put the leg work in. I’ve read his
    book.I have his book.You usually give him a token reference but not this
    time And Cahn has the common sense to give God all the credit.You’re doing
    a good thing but the bible says “Pride goeth before the fall.
    You really need to ibid your source.
    You’ve benefited from it .

    • Hey quietlike, thanks for your reply but would it hurt to give props for
      the source that’s given him the platform to do what’s he’s doing…? I
      don’t remembering him having this large a platform off of Galt’s Gulch…

      I do give props to Jeff for what he’s doing. I’ve had direct email
      conversations with him on the Hebrew Calendar. I don’t think I’d have the
      nads to go Venezuela and do what he’s done.

      Johnathan continually let’s people know that he gives thanks to God for the

      Cahn put a lot of time into laying out the foundation of the Shemita and
      piecing it all together. Jeff is reaching folks who would not listen to a
      Christian, let alone a Jew. And I commend him for that.

      That being said, would it hurt if he sourced his information?
      Thanks for chiming in…

    • He does reference The Harbinger and Jonathan Cahn, and has said in other
      videos that that’s where he first heard about the Shemitah cycle. Start
      watching from about 31:30 into the video, and you’ll hear him talk about it.

    • Not in this one… And the ones where he does reference Cahn, it’s well
      after he’s taken credit for DISCOVERING the Shemita… Seems tactical;
      You’ve taken credit. Some time goes by and then mentions Cahn. to a point
      of disconnect.
      I take notice every time I view his vids. And since I’m on the mailing
      list, I see all of them…
      Name Cahn 1st, he did all the leg work.
      I’ve never heard one physicist say they discovered e=mc^2 then later on
      casually mention Einstein, or recite Twain or Shakespeare and later on give
      them an honorable mention…

    • Youre are taking “discovering” out of context. and still minor imo. I’m
      more concerned about referencing for fact checking

  10. Warning Bit Coin is a scam. You cant use bit coin anywhere they iver charge
    in service fees. And it takes over 24 hrs to try and get your money
    back.Stay away from Bit coin. Invest in physical gold and silver that you
    can hold in your hand.

    • Bound to go up and down, but by it’s nature will always increase in value,
      so long as people still use it. Call it faith, but that’s what we do now
      isn’t it!

  11. Bitcoin is a joke, no transparency, its digital and backed by nothing, can
    be hacked, vulnerable to EMP. Etc… Gold and silver is real hard true and

  12. Poor ol Jeff,. he keeps confusing anarchism with capitalism,. as though he
    invented the concept. the two are not diametrically opposed! Yet will NOT
    recognize that Socialism is the MAIN problem! Especially when Americans are
    having to deal with the last 4 years of an elected Marxist,Socialist,
    Islamist, enemy of freedom globally! His reaction? Stay and fight for
    freedom? or RUN,. he ran,. LIKE A COWARD! And cloaks himself in the
    deception, of stating that capitalism is evil,. even though his “anarchist”
    agenda sounds one hell of a lot like the freedoms the Constitution and the
    Bill Of Rights have already founded!

    • He offends me so much with his diabolical narcissism, he makes me want to
      meet him in a duel with pistols at 10 paces,. for his cowardly anti
      American sluice that is, in FACT,. his big FAT MOUTH!

  13. Starting a new BitCoin lottery!

    Enter with .1 bitcoins, winner takes all!


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