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Bitcoin Becomes Safe Haven Asset as Total Negative Interest Debt Hits $15 Trillion

Bitcoin Becomes Safe Haven Asset as Total Negative Interest Debt Hits $15 Trillion

Jeff Berwick walk and talk from beautiful Santorini, Greece on the impending dollar collapse and ensuing rush to find a safe haven for capital where precious metals and crypto could benefit enormously

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34 Comments on Bitcoin Becomes Safe Haven Asset as Total Negative Interest Debt Hits $15 Trillion

  1. The law is a bunch of words written on paper by people who are generally considered to be liars and thieves …

    • Gordon Freeman Much of the law has passed from generation to generation and the earlier generations were not all liars and thieves. But, I agree with you that many of today’s custodians of the law are liars and thieves.

  2. i recommend going to Anogia, small village and headquarters of drugtrade/ production. very friendly people, children walking in the street at night very safe. good food too!

  3. Kevin O’Leary knows exactly what Bitcoin is. He already bought Bitcoin 2013 it is on youtube when he talks about it.

  4. Investing in government bonds is as about as safe as lending money to my uncle Eddie. He has been unemployed and drifting in California since 1976

  5. Kevin O’leary said in an Interview 2013, that you should have 2-3% of your portfolio in Bitcoin and that he totally understands the economics of it, so what he is saying now is: please let me accumulate more

  6. location will be crucial, My choice is Bulgarian mountains,water everywhere,wood everywhere, food everywhere

  7. September is a traditional time for economic collapse and wars to start. This year or next , you decide

    • It would be a miracle if the economy lasted until next year with all the pressures surrounding it. USA 2020 election is November 3rd. Political implications of a financial collapse are huge.

  8. tether is the economic disaster for the crypto world / don’t underestimate the damage that will be done when the fraud comes to an end.

  9. Love this update……..and the scenery is just beautiful……..Greek Islands on my BTC bucket list for sure 👍💕🇳🇿🇺🇸🇳🇿🇺🇸

  10. — Bitcoin is a non-correlated, assymetric return asset that are the value drivers of all your equity; everything else is tied to earnings, GDP, interest rates, etc.
    — The problem is that Bitcoin is not tied to _anything._
    — Well, neither are US dollars, and how big is your cash position?
    *THUG LIFE!*

  11. Dude. Your a lot of fun watch. I turned my mother onto your channel, which in turn, she turned her friend on to your channel. Your. Videos are fantastic.

  12. Love your videos man! I follow you from Bolivia. Been watching since 2016. I got my Bitcoin ready for doomsday!! 🙂

  13. Somebody found a 2013 video of kevin O’Leary teaching about bitcoin and blockchain. Saying is the best thing ever. Trying to convince the panel that blockchain will change the world. Now hes just a puppet 🤣

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