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Banks Are Freaking Out About Bitcoin

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It's happening! Bank of America admits cryptocurrency is "a competitive threat" to their business.

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40 Comments on Banks Are Freaking Out About Bitcoin

  1. Look at how free the internet was in the early days, and now how its being controlled and censored by a handful of deep state tech corporations. Corporations with questionable ownership and funding. The financial elite will ultimately control crypto and probably already do, and once cash is gone it will be our only option and we will be little more than slaves.

  2. Someone should send the banks a black rose with a card that states “Welcome to the beginning of the end”

    • Kids,…they say the darnedest things. Wake up, read the Bible. Obviously, you weren’t listening to your parents. You can’t be a hypocrite as a Christian because being a Christian isn’t based on being good. It’s based on the finished work of Jesus Christ.

    • mkmason2002

      “I never said Satan is more powerful than God. However, God will give Satan permission to murder Christians. Read the book of Revelation, the mark of the beast.”

      Lol, now that’s a God that I would want to worship, an insane lunatic that blames our suffering on us and comes up with this as a master plan. You can hang out with this guy in his heavenly hotel for eternity with all these weirdos in this world who believe this (especially those from prison since that’s where most people turn Christian), you can count me out!

      Whatever created this place is far more intelligent than that and deserves much more credit!

    • mkmason2002
      “You can’t be a hypocrite as a Christian because being a Christian isn’t based on being good.”

      No, you just have to be delusional and in denial. It’s a beautiful story but it’s holding back humanity..

    • Snide 2 you might want to look in to religions history mason about 1050 year ago or so the Christian faith spilt in two , funny that the Greeks are some of the biggest land owners in Jerusalem

  3. Any negative press towards cryptocurrencies is only making it stronger so go ahead all you old crusty Bakers give it your best shot. You’re all going to lose this battle. Millennials are taking over. It’s just a matter of time.

  4. Jeff, What if you found out that the US gov is Satoshi Nakamoto and that they planned this global currency that is decentralized and that no one could decipher who was the founder. A currency that would destabilize and take over all other currencies and that they at the end of the day would be the majority holder with 20%.

  5. So many dumb slaves, humanity is controlled by a Saturn alien(demon) race. They r the gods worshipped openly by ancient civilizations and secretly by the Orders today behind the circus called gvt. These beings taught the insider members about dark magic (blood/sex/sacrifice rituals, how to extract ADRENOCHROME) that takes place on a massive scale.

    Crypto is their invention, its a bait. This “banks are freaking out of cryptos” crap only works for the dumbest of the dumb. Yeah the majority while my brain melts how can sheeple be this dumb..
    Just look the M and W and S as Saturn symbolism, everywhere on crypto. And bang THE ABYSS (currently ico) has a boylover pedo symbol Ben Swann covered it then got fired for it…
    So many sheeple tripping on crypto its exactly the opposite happening, yeah banks won’t be around in 20yrs neither has significance of churches bcos they has new ways no need for the old system. Their never lost control since Rome.
    So in 20yrs ur children gonna born in a hospital with RFID that holds all information; birth certificate, ID,passport, ownership ur car house etc medical records, diploma, work history, police records, everything.
    SKYNET gonna see it all. That’s freedom?
    You’ve been fooled.

    Its not even their first civilization its going on since eons. They got enormous knowledge how to build and run civilizations. To think crypto is out of their control, woah
    I mean Jeff I’d expect u know these things, esp after Iboga, Aya…
    Anyway thanks for ur vids

  6. Can you plse explain HOW Bitcoin works when a grid goes down or, WE get shut out of our computers? Either scenario is likely as we all know too well now is likely. What’s the Plan?
    I’m serious about an answer &, sure as hell not the only 1 asking!

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