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Assange Arrested! Free Press In US and UK Has BEEN DEAD For Years

Julian Assange was arrested at the Ecuadorian Embassy and faces extradition to the USA

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Topics include: Julian Assange arrested, dragged from Ecuadorian Embassy by police, IMF grants predatory loan to Ecuadorian government, the role of Assange in the propaganda machine, Snowden and Manning, Cypherpunks and the origins of Bitcoin, there is no free media in the USA!

33 Comments on Assange Arrested! Free Press In US and UK Has BEEN DEAD For Years

    • Nobody can stand up against these elites/pedophile/edomites. They make the law just to protect themselves, but societies are the victims and sacrifice to offer to lucifer that they worship. They have turned men to be sodomites/poofters having no guts to fight against satanic elites.

  1. Huge American hero. Hate to see what the tyrants have planed for him. Exposing the elite criminals is a death sentence

    • I can’t believe how many people are falling for this Julian Assange freak show!

      Has anyone of significance ever been arrested for his Wikileaks? Has anything of importance changed in your life because of Julian Assange? Did he ever talk about the inside details of 911? (hell, did he ever talk about 911 at all?) Did he ever talk about the Jews? Did he ever talk about the NOT Federal Reserve? Did he ever talk about Obama’s real birthplace? Did he ever talk about Michelle’s real gender? Did he ever talk about the Oklahoma City Federal Bombing inside job? Did he ever talk about the Government making Domestic Propaganda LEGAL to be used against the American Citizens in 2013? Did he ever expose what was in the UNPATRIOTIC, Patriot Act? Did he ever talk about Vaccine agenda? Did he ever talk about the control Corporations have over Politicians? Did he ever talk about False Flag events or HOAX events? Did he ever talk about rigged Selections? Did he ever talk about what was in the NOT National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). Did he ever talk about the “most advanced” nation on earth having the MOST Debt of any nation on earth and why? Did he ever talk about the New World Order?

      … or did he just talk about subject matters that kept the sheople on the edge of their seat and/or a bunch of nothing that served as a great distraction for the NWO gang while you continued to be stripped of your freedoms and liberties while arguing about who your next Master should be???


  2. Yeah we use our spent uranium from reactors creating electricity for Depleted uranium munitions over there.
    Total shitbags

    • And soon all we will hear is the Sounds of Silence. And darkness will not only be your old friend but your only friend. I suppose Art and Simon knew this day would arrive.

  3. Many people are straight up agents that’s true. And the second tier after that is co-opted. Basically a co-opt is a person who started out solo but Gov’t group or organization bribed, blackmailed, or simply convinced the person to support various things to whatever extent. Many youtubers are actually co-opted and are not full on agents.
    Lastly you have people who support causes because of genuine belief and they have no direct dealings with any oligarchal structures. This is also true with many youtubers.

    But like you said, the 3 letter agencies are agents. Events like Anarchapuclo are breeding grounds for undercover agents seeking to co-opt new talent and brainwash the useful idiots.

    Assange was most likely co-opted a long time ago and then tried to back out of some stuff he didnt want to do. So what you’re seeing in politics is mostly staged bi-partisan narrative. However, hiccups will pop up like Assange which is just what happens when powerful co-opts get the can.

  4. The whole saga of Assange arrested is the mere script of the Deep state / globalist elites long planning for. Then US government will prosecute Assange, all the other legal cases (rumored mass prosecution to Deep State) related to wikileak have to be withheld (in the name of legal procedure for fair and just), and the result there will be no one elite really being prosecuted. Trump and Qannon are phonies, everything is just a diversion to the herd.

    Everything is just a theater act.

  5. And the US government is dominated by dual-citizens whose wars, and massive aid program have benefitted Israel. Just saying.

    • Better watch out goyim speaking that truth is illegal now. What does the law say? Perceived or REAL crimes may not be blamed on Jews.

    • +John Galt oi vey! Time for more trials into white nationalism! And if you don’t support Jewish nationalism and wars then you’re an anti-semite!

  6. Great to hear your perspective on this, thank you. PerDiePie’s announcement to stream only on Dlive was great. A major Internet personality moving to a Blockchain-based streaming service

  7. I was in a Mercedes Dealership in SoCal was annoying to have Fox News/CNN in background hearing their propaganda on this…Yes bring back the walk and talk videos!

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